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Speed is the #1 Driver of Mobile POS Adoption. On average, we've reduced checkout times by 70%."

Stacey McCormick (VP of Retail Performance), Tim Sobkowiak (Sr. Manager ERP & Retail Tech), Harold Hampton (VP of IT and BI), and Charlie Malouf (President & COO)

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In these Case Studies, our partners provided us with success stories on how STORIS has helped to transform their retail businesses.

Read our Case Studies below:

  • Mobile POS Designed for Speed
    Broad River Retail discusses the advantages STORIS NextGen Mobile POS brings to their operations. This modern technology provides them the opportunity to develop a mobile-first salesforce and selling strategy.
  • From Custom to Industry-Led Technology
    Kittle’s shares how STORIS allows them to prosper using modern technology with a quick learning curve while facilitating seamless integration.
  • Modernize Your Showroom with Mobile POS
    Wichita Furniture discusses their participation as a STORIS NextGen early adopter and how its Mobile POS is a game-changer for RSAs.
  • Tech to Take D. Noblin to the Next Level
    D. Noblin discusses how STORIS is a game-changer regarding inventory accuracy, delivery logistics, & financial management.
  • Evolving the Customer Experience with CXM
    Furniture & ApplianceMart discusses their successful launch of STORIS NextGen Customer Experience Management.
  • The Future of Special Order Technology
    STORIS’ partner of 30 years, Stoney Creek Furniture discusses why Enhanced Special Order is the most impactful new feature yet.
  • Steger’s Gains Exceptional Inventory Control
    Steger’s Furniture knew STORIS understood the significance of updating their software to deliver features that their retail customers would value.
  • Executing a Successful Furniture eCommerce Website Launch
    Siesta Brands’ eSTORIS website launch has delivered inventory accuracy, more website traffic, and enhanced customer experience.”
  • Gaining a Technology Partner Invested In Their Business’ Success
    The decision to switch to STORIS positioned The Wellsville Group to implement technology that improved its retail experience.
  • Confidence from a Trusted Technology Partner
    STORIS has prepared Home Furniture to take control of optimizing their site and given them visibility into how their website is performing.
  • Tech Positions Conlin’s to Support Changing Consumer Behavior
    STORIS’ ERP foundation will allow Conlin’s Furniture to grow their use of technologies to meet consumer demand.
  • Achieving Unified Commerce with Mobile POS & eCommerce
    Top 100 Retailer, Haynes, is all about embracing change. Read more about how they won big with these two Unified Commerce initiatives.
  • A New System Brings Many Improvements
    Badcock needed a powerful system to handle operations. Since implementing STORIS, they have seen sales increases each year.
  • Tech Competitive Advantage for Casual Retail
    ICFA Chairman, Doug Sanicola, discusses how Outdoor Elegance’s prepares for Casual Market and gets ahead on merchandising with STORIS.
  • Mastering High-End Merchandising
    Learn how well-known brand Safavieh improved their high-end merchandising model using STORIS in our latest case study.
  • A Successful Shift4 Implementation
    Badcock implemented Shift4 credit card processing ahead of their deadline using the proper plan and resources.
  • Inspiration From a Challenge
    When a warehouse fire struck The RoomPlace weeks after going live on STORIS, the companies worked together to rebuild.
  • Embarking On A New Partnership
    When Circle Furniture realized their software was holding their business back, they decided to embark on a new partnership with STORIS.
  • Celebrating a Century of Success
    Kimbrells, the largest independent furniture operation in the Carolinas, positions their business for the next 100 years with STORIS.
  • The Fastest Growing Top 100
    STORIS Supports the Growth of Furniture Today’s Fastest Growing Top 100 Retailer through Scalability, Security and Service.
  • Tech for the Future of Hurwitz Mintz
    Hurwitz Mintz knew that investing in software that would be continuously enhanced was what they needed for their future growth.
  • Furniture Queen Expands Business
    As Furniture Queen grew, they knew needed to invest in technology to manage their business and support growth.
  • Bassett Finds Many Advantages

    From better inventory control to an enhanced customer experience, discover what Bassett gained with STORIS.

  • Brown Jordan Takes on Retail
    Leading casual manufacturer, Brown Jordan, chose STORIS to grow their retail venture including precise special order processing.
  • Babette’s Thrives Through Recession
    Babette’s Furniture & Home Shoppe realizes competitive advantage – even through a recession – with STORIS.
  • AFW Values Forward Thinking

    STORIS technology allowed this Top 100 company to operate more efficiently and optimize their warehouse.

  • HW Home Streamlines & Integrates
    Hear how HW Home, an HFA Retailer of the Year, found a partner in growth with STORIS Leading Retail Software Solutions.
  • Old Cannery Fixes Inventory Errors
    Find out how furniture retailer Old Cannery gained efficiency and control with STORIS Leading Retail Software Solutions.

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