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Pulling into the Retail Station: It’s Google Express


In this blog, I highlight the experience of my first time shopping with Google Express and implications for the retail industry. Read it here.

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STORIS Spotlight: Jim Bergeron

In our Spotlight Series, we give you a chance to learn more about the employees of STORIS. Find out more about Jim Bergeron, a member of our Application Development team.

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The Shopping Cart: A Powerful Conversion Tool

A Shopping Carrt on a Mobile Phone

This blog will dive into how to create a digital shopping cart checkout process that converts sales via eCommerce and also one that facilitates a multi-channel customer shopping journey in your stores.

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Concepts are Great, Execution is Better


In this blog, we provide 4 steps to nailing a new retail unified commerce experience to ensure you satisfy your customers.

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STORIS Spotlight: Nicole Gogel

In our Spotlight Series, we give you a chance to learn more about the employees of STORIS. Find out more about Nicole Gogel, a member of our Documentation team.

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5 Attributes of a Standout Website

Your website is your brand’s flagship store. Whether you’re just getting started on your website or already have an established presence, today’s consumer must be impressed to convert.

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STORIS Spotlight: Lisa Melchers

In our Spotlight Series, we give you a chance to learn more about the employees of STORIS. Find out more about Lisa Melchers, a member of our Client Advocates team.

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How Technology Could Have Prevented My Negative Shopping Experience

Tech Could Have Saved Negative Shopping Experience

Learn how a lack of technology for tight inventory control can make or break a consumer’s shopping experience and shape consumer perception of a brand.

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STORIS Spotlight: Sarah Coulson

Sarah Spotlight

In our Spotlight Series, we give you a chance to learn more about the employees of STORIS. Find out more about Sarah Coulson, the Executive Assistant to our COO.

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What I Learned about Customer Experience from The Retail Prophet

Retail Prophet

Doug Stephens, the founder of Retail Prophet and author of Reengineering Retail highlights actionable items to create a S.U.P.E.R retail experience at the latest ICFA Conference.

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STORIS Spotlight: Matt Curtin

Matt Curtin Spotlight

In our Spotlight Series we give you a chance to learn more about the employees of STORIS. Find out more about Matt Curtin, a member of our Business Development team.

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A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

This holiday shopping season, I experienced two starkly different holiday shopping experiences. In this blog post, I highlight how technology can make or break a retail customer experience through two real-life examples that occurred over the holidays.

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Conference Keynote, Kelly: “From Onmi-Channel to Unified Commerce”

Boston Retail Partners

From Boston Retail Partners (BRP), Adam Kelly, took the stage with his keynote presentation, “Moving from Faux Omni-Channel to True Unified Commerce” at STORIS’ recent Client Conference. Check out the recap here.

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STORIS Spotlight: Fiona Richardson

Fiona Richardson

In our Spotlight Series we give you a chance to learn more about the employees of STORIS. Find out more about Fiona Richardson, Product Management Board Leader.

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Conference Keynote Craver Talks Tech

Ryan Craver Keynote Recap

Client Conference Keynote Ryan Craver talked tech in “Living in a World of Unified Commerce.” Check out the recap here.

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Celebrating 20 Years of WithIt

20 Years of WithIt

Read about our experience at the WithIt 20th Anniversary Party @ HPMKT !

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Meet the Marketing Team

Marketing Icon

In this blog, we introduce you to the STORIS Marketing Team and give you insight into what each of us do here on a daily basis.

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STORIS Olympic Games 2017 Final Round

STORIS 2017 Olympics Finals

It was a beautiful day for the final round of the 2017 STORIS Olympic Games.  Any team could win the title with four games and one mystery event left to be played.  Teams came to the office eager to compete as they knew they had one final chance to secure a victory.  

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The Future of Brick and Mortar Stores

Future Furniture Store

What will the role of brick and mortar stores be to consumers as eCommerce solutions and mobile technology continue to grow? What is going to motivate consumers to drive across town to visit a furniture store within the window of open hours and shop when they can do so from their home at any time?

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STORIS Olympics 2017 Round 1

STORIS 2017 Olympic Games

The first round of games for the 2017 STORIS Summer Olympics have come to a close. Eight teams came to work hungry and eager to compete. The STORIS Olympic Games are held annually to encourage positivity, team building and fun throughout the company!

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Rethink Your Approach to Retail

STORIS Named to Feedspot's Top 100 Retail Blogs

Technology has changed the way we can interact with the consumer. Have you thought of innovative ways to enhance your business strategies to improve your customer experience? We highlight 3 ways we can help you reinvent your retail approach.

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STORIS’ Blog Ranks on Feedspot’s Top 100 Retail Blogs

Feespot's Top 100 Retail Blog Award

STORIS’ blog ranked #57 on the Top 100 Retail Blogs and Websites for Retail Industry Professionals list. We provide industry focused content that is important to our readers. Find out more about this exciting achievement!

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STORIS Spotlight: Reed Mattos

Reed Mattos STORIS Spotlight

In our Spotlight Series we give you a chance to learn more about the employees of STORIS. Find out more about Reed Mattos, a member of our Application Development team.

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STORIS Spotlight: Mark Braun

Spotlight on Mark Braun

In our Spotlight Series we give you a chance to learn more about the people of STORIS. Find out more about Mark Braun, a member of our eCommerce team.

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Take Advantage of Technology

Manual Processes

In today’s world it is important to utilize the tools you have at your disposal. Learn about four ways technology can improve your business operations.

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Tips for a Successful Implementation

4 Tips for a Successful Implementation

Although implementing new software may seem intimidating, there are benefits that far outweigh the negatives. Read our four tips for success.

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New Year Insights: Technology Trends of 2017

Tech Trends 2017

A new year brings a clean slate and a new chance for success and productivity. Start 2017 off right by learning more about these technology trends.

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STORIS Spotlight: Bill Cotter

Spotlight on Bill Cotter

In our Spotlight Series we give you a chance to learn more about the people of STORIS. Find out more about Bill Cotter of the Production Team.

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Be Prepared for the Holiday Shopping Season

Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us and the busiest days for retail are in full swing. As consumers make their shopping lists and strategize for the best deals, your retail business needs to prepare for the influx of people coming through your doors. But, brick and mortar isn’t the only realm you need to consider….

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Thinking Differently About Your Business

Think Differently About Your Business

In our latest blog we highlight three ways to explore change within your business.

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STORIS Spotlight: Laura Brown

STORIS Employee Spotlight: Laura Brown

In our Spotlight Series we give you a chance to learn more about the people of STORIS. Find out more about Laura Brown, Application Development Analyst.

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Tech In at High Point Market

Tech-In at High Point Market

If you’re a furniture retailer, you’re probably gearing up for Fall High Point Market. Find out what aspects of your business you can improve at the show.

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STORIS Spotlight: Brianna Sherrier

STORIS Spotlight Brianna Sherrier

Learn more about Accounting Assistant Brianna Sherrier in this Q&A.

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Prepare For Sale Season

Prepare Your Business for Sale Season

As summer comes to a close, new selling opportunities are just beginning. As a retailer, you should be prepared for the fast-paced selling season.

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Summer Olympics: The Finals

Summer Olympics Finals

The STORIS Summer Olympics have come to a close. Find out who won the 2016 games here.

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Summer Olympics 2016: Round 2

Summer Olympics Recap

The tables turned after the second round of the STORIS Olympics; the leader board shuffled around significantly. Read about all of the events here.

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Overcoming Fear Can Bring Positive Outcomes

Overcoming Fear Can Bring Positive Outcomes

As a software provider, we often hear the fear of implementation as an apprehension for many business owners. However, there are many reasons why the change is worth it and why people considering a change in software should not give in to fear.

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Summer Olympics 2016: Round 1

Summer Olympics Recap

The STORIS Summer Olympics were back and better than ever. Find out which team came out on top for round one of the games.

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Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

With a software solution that can grow with you and adapt to the constant changes in retail and technology, you will find success in the present and the future.

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High Point Market Recap

High Point Market Recap

High Point Market just ended. Aside from style trends, we gained insight on business practices and the importance of company culture.

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Inventory Tips for a Successful Spring

Inventory Management Tools

Inventory is one of a furniture retailer’s most valuable assets, making proper inventory management a crucial factor in their success. Check out these 4 tips for better inventory control.

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4 Ways to re:imagine Your Business

re:imagine Your Business

Nationwide Primetime! has just wrapped up. Explore 4 tech-driven ways you can reimagine your business.

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Employee Spotlight: Will Andrews

Spotlight Will Andrews

I spoke with Project Manager Will Andrews for this Employee Spotlight. Find out what he likes most about his job.

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5 Reasons to Love Your Software

5 Reasons to Love Your Software

Running a home furnishings business is not an easy task. Learn how software can help.

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NRF Show Recap

NRF Big Show

Members of the STORIS team attended the NRF Conference in NYC. Find out about the latest in retail tech innovations here.

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New Year Retail Checklist

New Year Checklist

A new year means a clean slate. This is the time when most people make resolutions and goals for the next 365 days. It is the perfect time to do the same for your business. We’ve put together this quick 5 step checklist to help you get a pulse on your retail operations for 2016.

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STORIS Spotlight: Todd Rutler

Spotlight Todd Rutler

We spoke with Todd, a member of our Product Services Department, to find out more about him in this Q&A session.

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STORIS Spotlight: Sandy Powers

Spotlight Sandy Powers

Learn more about STORIS’ Senior Technical Project Manager, Sandy in this STORIS Spotlight.

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Bring Your Customers Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Delight your customers using these tips in your retail store.

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STORIS Spotlight: Tom Moroney

Spotlight Tom Moroney

Tom Moroney, Senior Manager of Development, answered a few of our questions in this week’s STORIS Spotlight.

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The Importance of Client Advocacy

Advocacy blog

The STORIS Client Advocate group strives to make the customer experience a positive one.

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Casual Market 2015

Casual Market

Casual Market took place in Chicago on September 16th-19th and STORIS made it to the windy city to be an exhibitor at the event. Learn more about the trip here.

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Inventory Management with STORIS

Inventory Management

STORIS offers you the tools you need to keep tabs on your inventory and keep your business running smoothly.

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Retailers Should Prioritize EMV

Chip and Pin

As of October 2015, retailers will have the responsibility of certain fraudulent activity that happens in their store if they are not compliant with liability changes set forth by the major credit card companies. In STORIS’ blog post learn why you should prioritize making changes in your store and the impacts EMV will bring.

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Summer Olympics: The Final Events

Olympics Final Round

The final round of the STORIS Summer Olympics took place in August. See who took top prize here.

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MEGA Convention Recap

Mega Show Recap

STORIS attended the MEGA Group USA show in Louisville, KY in August. Read more for a recap of the successful show.

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Summer Tradeshow Recap

Summer Tradeshow

STORIS attended two tradeshows in Las Vegas, World Market and Nationwide Primetime! Learn more about them here.

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Q&A with the STORIS Sales Team

Lindsey Scapicchio

I sat down with Lindsey Scapicchio, a member of our STORIS Sales Team for a Q & A session.

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STORIS Summer Olympics Pt. 2

olympics croquet

The STORIS Summer Olympics Part II took place in July and featured five unique challenges for employees to compete in.

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Success Starts from the Inside

Success Inside

The key to success comes from within your company. We serve over 350 unique retailers and have noticed how they find success in their businesses. If you start from the inside and work your way out, you will spread the success everywhere.

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