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Furniture Merchandising Planning Software

Having the right inventory at the right time is critical in retail. Streamline your home furnishings merchandising to surpass customer expectations using buying tools. With STORIS' Home Furnishings Merchandising Management you can:

STORIS Merchandising Management Software for Furniture Retail
  • Eliminate guesswork using reporting and trends to make accurate buying decisions
  • Discover real-time KPIs imperative to generating the ideal assortment, including GMROI, turn, and sell-through
  • Generate merchandising strategies that lead to a higher ROI and profitability

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What Are Furniture Buying Tools in Merchandising Software?

Furniture Buying Tools are excellent resources for the buyers, planners, and merchandisers of your home furnishings retail operation. A Furniture Merchandising Management system enables your team to classify your merchandise, generate Purchase Orders with your vendors, and use a variety of analytical tools to track merchandise performance such as sales, margin, age, and turns.

Gold Line

Furniture Buying Tools Suite

STORIS’ Furniture Buying Tools include reporting capabilities to generate ideal home furnishings merchandise recommendations. With drill-down functionality by vendor, item, category, collection, and selling location, your team can make strategic choices. Our Furniture Merchandising Planning Software helps buyers make stronger decisions while saving countless hours of research each week.

Lead Time & Demand Forecasting

Lead Time & Demand Forecasting enables your store to always have the right home furnishings merchandise at the right time. Demand Forecasting evaluates customer shopping behavior using historical trend data and real-time sales analysis. Coordinate demand with vendor lead times to realistically plan for furniture order fulfillment and buy the best merchandise for your retail store.

Furniture Purchase Order Management

Automate furniture Purchase Order generation based on configurable settings and send the Purchase Order out with the click of a button, thereby saving time and labor while increasing accuracy. For efficiency, create new products on-the-fly, and directly link a Purchase Order to a specific sale.

Home Furnishings Inventory Replenishment Tools

Inventory replenishment software from STORIS monitors inventory levels across channels, comparing quantities and sales rates to project demand for products. Further, with real-time insights through our Comprehensive Replenishment tool, buyers are alerted to low stock quantities as well as backorders that need their attention.

Strategic Pricing & Costing Tools

Strategic Pricing & Costing Tools provide actionable information to cost goods and monitor overall vendor performance. Manage stock adjustments, promotions, and markdown strategies to maintain margins. For seamless integration across Accounting, STORIS uses a 3-way match system to ensure accurate financials.

Purchase Orders for Custom Products

STORIS enables retailers to customize Special Order Products. When a Special Order frame is sold at the point of sale, the system automatically generates a Purchase Order. The PO links directly to the Sales Order for seamless fulfillment to the customer. The order entry process ensures sales associates define the appropriate customizations so that the vendor can successfully manufacture the piece. Further, STORIS margin controls ensure custom pieces are priced appropriately. Merchandisers can report on popular customizations to Special Order frames to determine floor samples and online imagery.

Vendor Electronic Data Interchange

Vendor Electronic Data Interchange uses STORIS’ interface to sync electronic communications directly with vendors. STORIS has EDI partnerships that provide access to over 750 global manufacturers. Functionality includes confirming purchase order receipts, acknowledging costs and quantities, updating shipment notifications, and approving payables invoices.

Forms Designer

Our Forms Designer allows you to create showroom floor tags, POS labels, inventory barcodes, receipts, and documents for purchasing, receiving, and distributing inventory. The advanced graphical capabilities capture the aesthetic of your brand and are eye-catching to potential customers. Forms can also be scripted to print unique discounts, specific furniture care instructions, and warranties.

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