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Technical Support for STORIS

technical supportHere at STORIS we take exceptional pride in the expertise and talent of our technical support staff.

STORIS provides our Clients with highly-trained professionals who are available to offer expert technical support and continued system education.

  • Our technical support team represents full-time, U.S. based employees
  • Their average tenure is +10 years – significantly higher than the national average
  • Their expertise results in swift resolution of support issues
  • Our technicians are available to assist clients with any questions or concerns

Are you a client looking for STORIS Support? Visit the client portal at any time to submit a support case or call (800) 355-0301 to speak with one of our technical support experts.

STORIS Technical Support Highlights

In-House Support

Since our support team is located at STORIS’ headquarters in NJ, a need for outsourcing or contracting of third party support is eliminated. You can trust that an experienced member of our team will be available to assist you in a timely fashion. Our Client Services group boasts an average employee tenure of over 10 years due to our positive work environment. When a STORIS user reaches out to our support center, they reach a knowledgeable, experienced staff member – not a part-time call center worker. This results in faster case resolution and absolutely minimal hassle.

Support Case Submissions

To submit a support case, clients can call our toll-free helpline for immediate assistance or submit a case in real time to our Client Portal. Emails automatically notify the individual who entered the case with a summary of the inquiry and updated status notifications. Clients are given the ability to view technician updates and add information to case notes, allowing them to stay informed about the status of their case.

Advanced IT Training

Additionally, STORIS offers IT training for those who want to become more advanced in their knowledge of the software. Those seeking training will be guided by our Client Services team to expand your knowledge and comfort with the STORIS product suite.

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