APIs: Application Programming Interfaces

Connect STORIS to Your Other Critical Furniture Retail Technologies

APIs Being Used to Integrate Furniture Retail Solutions

Discover STORIS APIs to connect various solutions across your technology stack seamlessly. Automated data exchange via APIs eliminates manual effort to share valuable information needed for seamless business operations. With STORIS APIs:

APIs Being Used to Integrate Furniture Retail Solutions
  • Determine which types of data to share between your various software systems
  • Program rules for how the data is shared and used among technologies
  • Automate the process and timing of sending data for convenience
  • Review audit logs to monitor data synchronization

How Do Application Program Interfaces (APIs) Connect Technologies?

Application Programming Interfaces, commonly called by their acronym APIs, enable developers to build connections between technologies. APIs use universal standards to push or pull data from various software applications in either one-way or bi-directional methods to read and write data between systems. Development expertise is required to utilize APIs.

Powerful API Solution Options to Meet Your Business Needs

Basic APIs

Jump-start your integration and automation strategy with an accessible starter solution. Our Basic APIs package provides programmers with access to STORIS’ Read API Methods to retrieve data from your STORIS system and automate sharing that data with third-party solutions.

Basic APIs can be used to facilitate a non-transactional website integration by sharing fundamental inventory data.


With STORIS APIs, build sophisticated bi-directional integrations and automate data usage with access to both Read and Write API methods. With Read methods, data can be retrieved from STORIS for use in external applications. With Write methods, enhance your STORIS database by creating, replacing, and updating data in STORIS from third-party sources.

STORIS APIs can be used to facilitate a fully transactional and sophisticated eCommerce website integration.

Webhooks for Data Automation

Discover STORIS’ new add-on to our API solutions: Webhooks. Automation supports retailers in consistently executing intricate, timely, and personalized customer experiences powered
by data. With Webhooks, triggers can automatically orchestrate data collection and send data to be leveraged for important communications and actions across your technology solutions.

Discover Webhooks today!

“Your API strategy is a business requirement…Since much of digital transformation involves combining disparate data and functionality into rich user experiences and process automation, APIs are an essential ingredient in modern business strategies.”

Discover The Integration Power of STORIS APIs

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IMPORTANT NOTE: When licensing API Solutions, STORIS provides detailed API documentation and training to understand our API methods. The retailer’s in-house development team or a trusted third party is responsible for building the integration between STORIS and the third-party solutions of your choosing.

Discover STORIS APIs’ Data Areas and Popular Applications

API methods share data between STORIS and external solutions, empowering retailers to create seamless brand experiences.

  • Product Inventory

    Maintain consistent inventory data wherever you sell products and on your digital price tag displays. Product data includes descriptions, categorization, specs, pricing, promotional eligibility, availability, on-display statuses, and applicable protection plans/warranties.

  • Customers

    Build holistic customer profiles with contact information and order details. Use to personalize communications and generate up-to-date marketing lists for your digital marketing platform, advertising campaigns, and reputation management solution.

  • External Data Enrichment

    Automatically import external data to STORIS to create or update records, including customers, products, special order templates, and rewards. Some valuable external sources include vendor product catalogs and Product Information Management solutions (PIM).

  • Shopping Carts

    Retrieve data for open shopping carts by various identifying criteria to share carts across channels for a consistent customer experience. By using abandoned cart marketing and enabling customers to access their carts from your website, you can close more sales.

  • Order Data

    Share data related to sales orders, quotes, and service orders with details from the order level or pertaining to individual fulfillments. Use it to complete orders and apply payments across your transactional channels. This can be to facilitate your eCommerce website, dropshipping programs, and marketplace sales.

  • Registry

    Send customer registries and detailed data about products on their registries to external systems or, conversely, create registries from third-party sites.

  • Financing

    Manage data related to third-party, revolving, and installment financing plans. Submit credit applications and apply payments towards open plans in STORIS.

  • Credit and Gift Cards

    Receive data on credit card deposits, payments, advanced receivables, refunds, and gift cards into STORIS for a holistic payment infrastructure.

  • Accounting

    Access your accounting data for your business’ finanical management needs. Data includes your General Ledger’s accounts, budget, classification structure, time periods, and summaries.

How Do APIs Transmit Data Between Technologies?

Application Programming Interfaces Connect Furniture Retail Technologies

Direct the actions of the solutions you are integrating. Based on the API command, it will dictate the flow of data to, from, or bi-directionally between systems.

Application Programming Interfaces Connect Furniture Retail Technologies
  • GET: Retrieves data from STORIS for use in an external system
  • POST: Creates new data in STORIS from an external source
  • PUT: Replaces existing data in STORIS from an external source
  • PATCH: Updates existing data in STORIS from an external source

Discover The Integration Power of STORIS APIs

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Out-of-the-Box Integrations Drive Value

In addition to our API solutions, STORIS offers out-of-the-box interfaces to third-party partners. These solutions further empower STORIS retailers to build a thriving technology ecosystem across key facets of your technology-driven operations.

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