APIs: Application Programming Interfaces

Connect STORIS to Your Other Critical Furniture Retail Technologies

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Discover STORIS APIs to seamlessly connect various software within your technology stack. The automated exchange of data via APIs eliminates manual effort to share valuable information to operate your business successfully. With STORIS APIs:

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  • Determine which types of data to share between your various software systems
  • Set rules for how the data is shared and used among technologies
  • Automate the process and timing of sending data for convenience
  • Review audit logs to monitor data synchronization

How Do Application Program Interfaces (APIs) Connect Technologies?

Application Programming Interfaces commonly referred to by their acronym APIs, enable developers to build connections between technologies. APIs use universal standards to allow data to be pushed or pulled from various software applications in either one or bi-directional methods to read and write data between systems. Development expertise is required to utilize APIs.

Discover The Integration Power of STORIS APIs

“Your API strategy is a business requirement. APIs are how software talks to other software and since much of digital transformation involves combining disparate data and functionality into rich user experiences and process automations, APIs are an essential ingredient in modern business strategies.”

Discover STORIS APIs across functional areas.

These solutions bundle pertinent API methods to share data between STORIS and external software related to specific operational areas.

  • Product Read APIs

    Product Read APIs allow external systems such as your eCommerce website or digital price tags to utilize product data from your STORIS inventory database. Product data can be published and updated when changed including to reflect current descriptions, pricing, dimensions, and availability.

  • Write APIs

    Conversely, product/customer write APIs allow retailers to use external sources for customer or product data, such as a Product Information Management System (PIM), to automatically create or update data in their STORIS database. Available in Enterprise APIs.

  • Website

    Website APIs allow retailers to deploy consistent customer experiences. Data that can be integrated between your ERP and eCommerce website can span inventory, customers, shopping carts, sales orders, quotes, payments, financing, gift cards, and registries.

  • Marketing

    Execute marketing strategies using your transactional order and customer data from STORIS in your digital marketing platform. These APIs enable you to personalize messaging, communicate order-related updates, and trigger post-transactional communications.

  • Scheduling & Routing

    These APIs facilitate the automatic transmission of data to route and schedule orders from STORIS. Third-party routing software can streamline logistics by determining efficient use of resources such as mileage, gasoline, and time.

  • Financing

    Our suite of Financing APIs allows third-party finance application technologies to submit data to STORIS. These solutions enhance the finance experience by cascading credit applications until desired financing is achieved by enabling self-service applications.

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How Do APIs Transmit Data Between Technologies?

Sharing Data with APIs

API commands direct the actions of the solutions you are integrating. Based on the API command, it will dictate the flow of data to, from, or bi-directionally between systems.

Sharing Data with APIs
  • GET: Retrieves data from STORIS for use in an external system
  • POST: Creates new data in STORIS from an external source
  • PUT: Replaces existing data in STORIS from an external source
  • PATCH: Updates existing data in STORIS from an external source
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Out-of-the-Box Integrations Drive Value

STORIS delivers configured API solutions as well as partnerships with industry solution providers. These APIs empower STORIS retailers to build a thriving technology ecosystem across all the key facets of their technology-driven operations.

Discover The Integration Power of STORIS APIs

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