In-Store Furniture Retail Kiosk Solution

Kiosk for Home Furnishings Retailers

Today’s customers are accustomed to interacting on digital platforms. Customers who venture into a furniture store respond positively to digital technology. STORIS offers a Kiosk solution as a direct extension to our eSTORIS eCommerce platform. STORIS' in-store furniture Kiosk enables retailers to:

Customer on Kiosk
  • Modernize your showroom with intuitive technology that caters to consumer behavior
  • Bridge the customer’s online research phase with the physical store environment
  • Reduce on-hand inventory and subsequent warehouse costs while meeting demand
  • Maximize revenue potential by meeting more customers’ needs with greater options
  • Showcase compelling in-store digital marketing messages that can be updated frequently

Empower Your Customers with In-Store Kiosks

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What Is Furniture Retail Kiosk Technology?

A furniture Kiosk is an interactive, touchscreen technology that lets customers self-service while shopping in your store. Supporting digital marketing, enabling endless aisle inventory, and providing independent access to product details are key benefits an in-store retail Kiosk can bring to your furniture showroom.

Gold Line

Self-Service in Furniture Retail Showrooms

“69% of shoppers say they would be more likely to buy if given self-help options in-store like digital displays and kiosks.” (InReality) STORIS’ self-service furniture store Kiosk is an engaging part of our eSTORIS eCommerce Platform. Customers can use an in-store kiosk to independently confirm product pricing, reviews, limited-time offers, real-time inventory stock quantities, and available delivery dates. Kiosks also allow customers to search for inventory across all your retail locations.

Intuitive User Interface (UI) Design

As a self-service item, an in-store kiosk for furniture stores must be easy to use. As an extension of our eSTORIS eCommerce Platform, STORIS’ Kiosk is designed with the same Content Management System and offers continuity of experience with your website. A logical inventory hierarchy is at the forefront of our Kiosk design, allowing customers to navigate by category, group, and vendor easily.

Integrated Shopping Cart

STORIS’ integrated shopping cart is a feature of our Kiosk. An in-store furniture retail Kiosk is an ideal transition point for a customer to show the sales associate the items they researched online. Conversely, items added in-store at the Kiosk can be purchased on an eSTORIS website when a customer returns home.

Endless-Aisle Inventory

Showroom floorspace is a precious commodity. An endless aisle strategy enables retailers to sell a wider inventory assortment on digital devices beyond the physical space they have for display. Customers are accustomed to shopping from unlimited options online. Via a digital product catalog on a Kiosk, retailers can offer customers a greater variety of options while maximizing sales per square foot and reducing the costs of warehousing merchandise. Additionally, Kiosks drive revenue during out-of-stock situations, where items can be ordered directly for that customer.

Highlight Promotional Materials & Photography

Large format, visual devices draw customers in. They are the ideal place to highlight branded and promotional messages that entice customers to buy. The beauty of a digital Kiosk screen is the ease and frequency with which marketing can be changed. Kiosks can display retailers’ special offers, discounts, and other marketing content while reducing the cost of producing physical signage. On a Kiosk, customers can directly interact with and shop for specific merchandise related to that promotion.

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