In-Store Furniture Retail Kiosk Solution

Kiosk for Home Furnishings Retailers

Today’s consumers are accustomed to interacting on digital platforms. When customers venture into a furniture store, they respond positively to in-store technology experiences. A rising component of in-store technology is the self-service Kiosk. STORIS' in-store furniture Kiosk enables retailers to:

Customer on Kiosk
  • Modernize your showroom with intuitive technology that caters to consumer behavior
  • Bridge the customer’s online research phase with the physical store environment
  • Foster engaging interactions between customers and sales associates
  • Reduce on-hand inventory and subsequent warehouse costs while meeting demand
  • Maximize revenue potential by meeting more customers’ needs with greater options
  • Showcase compelling in-store digital marketing messages that can be updated frequently

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Retail Customer Experience notes that “with e-commerce options literally at their fingertips, shoppers are choosing with their dollars where they complete purchases.” Retailers must continue that positive customer experience in store to win over shoppers. Fill out the form to learn more about the STORIS Kiosk.

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What Is Furniture Retail Kiosk Technology?

A Kiosk is an interactive, touchscreen technology that lets customers self-service while shopping in your store. Supporting digital marketing, enabling endless aisle inventory, and providing independent access to product details are just some of the key benefits an in-store, retail Kiosk can bring to your furniture showroom.

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The Self-Service Experience of Unified Commerce

STORIS’ self-service furniture store Kiosk is an engaging part of our Unified Commerce Solution. It is the key technological device that bridges the consumer’s online research with the in-store experience. The STORIS Kiosk was developed specifically for home furnishings retailers to deliver functionality important to our industry. Once in the store, a customer can use a Kiosk to confirm real-time inventory stock quantities and available delivery dates.

Intuitive User Interface (UI) Design

First and foremost, an in-store kiosk for furniture stores must have intuitive design and be easy to use. As a self-service item, a customer should feel confident when using this in-store technology, making it a positive addition to their experience. STORIS’ Kiosk was developed with the insight and showroom testing of leading home furnishings retailers. Inventory hierarchy is at the forefront of design, allowing customers to easily navigate by category, group, and vendor.

Integrated Shopping Cart

STORIS’ integrated shopping cart is a unique feature of the in-store furniture retail Kiosk. This technology enables the customer to access and share what they liked from the online research phase of their shopping journey with a sales associate. It’s the modern equivalent of a customer printing out pictures of products. Shopping carts are accessible across all STORIS devices and reflect changes in real time, including those made from the customer’s phone or a sales associate’s tablet during the in-store visit. The items in the integrated shopping cart that are edited from the furniture store Kiosk can be purchased at the customer’s convenience on an eSTORIS website.

Transition Point for Customer & Sales Associates

A hallmark of today’s consumer is that they are more informed than ever before because they are researching home furnishings retailers and their products online before heading to stores. Customers take pride in sharing their research with in-store associates. The Kiosk format is an ideal transition point for a customer to show the sales associate the items they added to their shopping cart. The sales associate can use this information to lead the in-store appointment by highlighting strong alternatives and complementary items.

Endless-Aisle Inventory

When it comes to modern inventory management, Endless Aisle is a competitive advantage to retailers. Endless Aisle is a “virtual merchandising option in which physical space is extended to the fuller catalog assortments of products and accessible content.” (Retail TouchPoints) Customers are spoiled by the ability to shop “anything and everything” on Amazon. Digital catalogs enable retailers to utilize an Endless Aisle strategy, offering customers a wider variety of options, while maximizing sales per square foot and reducing costs of warehousing merchandise. Additionally, Kiosks drive revenue during out of stock situations, where items can be ordered directly for that customer.

Complement an In-Store Vignette

Showroom floorspace is a precious commodity. In the home furnishings industry, the ability to effectively display all inventory is limited by the size of products. A big reason that customers visit a store is to evaluate the feel and quality of a brand’s products, but a retailer typically can’t physically display everything a manufacturer carries. An inventory display that highlights key pieces in a collection allows the customer to evaluate the product, while a complimentary Kiosk gives the customer the option to choose from a wider assortment via a digital catalog.

Highlight Promotional Materials & Photography

Large format, visual devices draw customers in. They are the ideal place to highlight branded and promotional messages that entice customers to buy. The beauty of a digital Kiosk screen is the ease and frequency in which marketing can be changed. With the Kiosk, your store receives a digital impact, while reducing the cost of producing physical signage. Better yet, customers can interact and shop specific merchandise related to that promotion directly on the device.


Kiosk & the In-Store Experience

To meet the needs of today’s consumers, retailers must combine the ease and efficiency of online shopping with the benefits of in-store shopping. By merging these attributes, brick and mortar retailers can adapt to today’s consumer and remain a relevant and positive part of their shopping journey. The Kiosk is here to elevate the in-store customer experience by merging the attributes of online shopping that customers love into the world of brick and mortar retailing.

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