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Reporting and Analytics

Data Analysis for Furniture Retailers

STORIS Business Intelligence

STORIS provides retailers with a comprehensive range of analytical tools that empower leaders with actionable information in order to grow their businesses.

When your business uses STORIS, our system becomes the home to all of your important raw data points, ranging from sales and customer profiles to inventory and finance. STORIS has a variety of analytical reporting tools built into our software so that you can take that transactional data and turn it into strategic insights. Because the data comes directly from our integrated system, the analysis you get is accurate and trustworthy.

With STORIS’ Reporting and Analytical Tools, businesses can:

  • Measure and report on KPIs and metrics
  • Monitor business trends and analyze performance
  • Benchmark stores, products, and vendors to track successes
  • Build strategies to improve your business
Executive Information Systems

Executive Information Systems uses an Excel inspired design for an intuitive end-user experience. It provides real-time data points and allows you to drill down to deeper layers of detail and uncover actionable information.

Executive Vision

Executive Vision MonitorExecutive Vision provides retailers with 360-degree information transparency using data reporting and customizable dashboards that operate in real time. Graphs, charts, odometers, and gauges make analyses easy to understand and provide a clear visual interpretation of your data.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse uses data mining capabilities across your STORIS database with an SQL-based platform to generate intricate reports for analyzing and scaling analytics as your company grows. This tool is ideal for retrieving large quantities of data in virtual real-time and running analyses with extreme speed and flexibility. Data Warehouse is available across sales, inventory, purchasing, advanced receivables, accounts payable, and general ledger.

Report Builder 

Report Builder ScreenReport Builder allows you to create personalized reports with user-friendly navigation and seamless sharing across secure environments. Every business has their own unique processes and strategic initiatives to measure. Report Builder provides an efficient and comprehensive way to monitor business goals.

Personal Report Viewer

Personal Report Viewer ScreenPersonal Report Viewer turns stagnant data into interactive reports by allowing you to make changes in a live, actionable work environment. Features of this tool include drag and drop capabilities, sorting, filtering, intuitive highlighting, instantaneous calculations, and finalized printer-friendly report options.


STORIS BIIn addition to our core Reporting and Analytical tools, we are pleased to introduce you to STORIS BI.

STORIS BI is an all-new Business Intelligence Suite designed for analyzing your Unified Commerce strategy. This real-time solution is fully integrated across STORIS, pulling in data from a retailer’s in-store, eCommerce, and mobile technologies. Learn more about STORIS BI here.

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