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In our latest video, Buying Tools for Growth, we highlight important buying tools and how they can directly impact the revenue you generate from your merchandise assortment. When buyers combine their artistic abilities with analytic insights, there is potential to maximize your business’ revenue performance.

10 Best Buying Tools to Maximize Revenue

In “The 10 Best Buying Tools for Maximizing Revenue” we outline our collection of must-have buying tools that focus on generating the best revenue potential from your merchandise assortment. With increased competition in the industry, especially in the area of eCommerce, it is important to utilize the tools at your disposable to get the most bang for your open-to-buy bucks. This series, back by popular demand, introduces 10 new buying tools and dives into how they can directly impact the revenue you generate from your merchandise assortment. Click here to download the guide.

Are you ready for your business to take off? With STORIS’ leading retail software solution your home furnishings business can soar to new heights. Learn how in our latest video.

Unified Commerce is changing the way that consumers interact with brands. Gone are the days of running your business channels individually. Learn 4 ways our technology is designed to help home furnishings retailers deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Inventory is one of your business’ greatest physical assets. This important part of your business can be enhanced with use of technology for inventory control. Learn four tips for furniture retail inventory management in our video.

Optimizing your furniture retail store with technology is important to meet consumer demand in today’s market. In our video, discover 4 ways software can increase your business’s revenue. Highlights include utilizing a mobile POS, upselling to increase average ticket, operating with an efficient checkout process, and providing a seamless product delivery.

STORIS Products

The STORIS cloud is the perfect platform for small to mid-sized retailers to take advantage of our affordable subscription service and minimal IT infrastructure all while getting the same great STORIS product the furniture industry’s leading retailers rely on for success.

Mobile technology is vital to retail success in today’s tech-driven marketplace. STORIS’ eRoam mobile solution features the iPad Mobile Sales Catalog. This innovative application helps your staff professionally engage customers on the showroom floor.

STORIS Company News & Events

STORIS takes you behind the scenes to illustrate the differentiating factors that set them apart as a product & premium service. STORIS has shown proven dedication to learning their clients businesses and forging partnerships to ensure their client’s continued success.

STORIS Client Testimonials & Well-Wishes

Rit Mathis from Mathis Brothers elaborates on his longtime partnership with STORIS and the importance of choosing the right POS in the competitive home furnishings industry. STORIS is crucial to Mathis’ growth, efficiency, profitability and productivity.

Long-term business partner Joe Bograd from Bograd’s Fine Furniture took the time to share his story about their valued partnership with STORIS. Joe chose STORIS because it is the only solution that can handle the processing of a complex special order program that is important to the success Bograd’s.

In recognition of STORIS’ 25 Year milestone, Jake Jabs from American Furniture Warehouse thanks STORIS for their 25 year & growing partnership. Jake comments on STORIS ability to continuously keep up with evolving software needs and how important that is to their mutual success.

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