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Logistics & Distribution

STORIS Distribution Management Software

Logistics and Distribution warehouse

Seasoned retailers know that one of the best ways to grow loyalty is to exceed customer expectations. By integrating your Point of Sale to your distribution tools, you can set attainable “Available to Promise” dates and delight customers by surpassing their expectations. Improve inventory accuracy by reducing manual entry and human error across logistical processes including sales order fulfillment, deliveries, pickups, transfers, returns, and exchanges.


Delivery Management

Delivery Management provides direct access to sales orders and transfers. Your staff can easily coordinate customer deliveries to achieve realistic goals. This user-friendly tool allows you to create, review, and update multiple delivery routes from a single screen.


Logistical Scheduling

UI of logistics schedulingLogistical Scheduling dynamically plans optimized delivery and service routes. Establish capacity using rules that match your business needs including dollar value, piece count, stops, cubic volume, and labor hours. Schedule at a detailed level using specific stop times and multiple ship-to addresses.


Multiple Concurrent Fulfillments

Within a single POS sales order, conveniently schedule different delivery dates, from different fulfillment locations, to different addresses. Fulfill orders with varying methods from customer pickups and carry outs to scheduled delivery services such as white glove and parcel carriers. Multiple Concurrent Fulfillments is also useful for retailers selling to interior designers, home builders, or contractors that often purchase items for multiple end consumers.


Advanced Warehouse Management

UI of advanced warehouse activityAdvanced Warehouse Management is designed to significantly increase daily productivity. AWM provides distribution center supervisors with powerful workload flexibility, including advanced task scheduling, auto-directed actions, and daily inventory workflows. With performance benchmarking tools, management can reduce verbal supervision while increasing warehouse productivity.


Manifests and Pick Lists

Manifests and Pick Lists to create documentation that assists in accurate inventory distribution. Pick Lists to organize merchandise to be included on trucks for specific routes, while Delivery Manifests include details such as Cash on Delivery amounts to ensure that drivers have accurate information.


Maximize Storage Capacity

UI of putawayMaximize Storage Capacity with optimal inventory flow. Real-time priority picking organizes the location of merchandise for efficient access, while Directed Put-away automates instruction for placement in your warehouse. Set up aisles, racks, and bins to accurately track your inventory in STORIS.


Mobile Barcode Scanning

Mobile Barcode Scanning, including Batch and Radio Frequency, delivers piece-level precision and inventory accuracy. Organize your warehouse efficiently for picking, receiving and transferring processes. Enable various stages of picking for operations including prep, staging, and checkpoints for loading deliveries.


Available to Promise Ashley Integration

STORIS has direct integration to Ashley’s product availability, enabling Ashley retail partners to calculate precise order fulfillment dates at the point of sale, with real-time data from Ashley manufacturing.


Supply Chain Integrations

Supply Chain Integrations with technology partners include RouteView Pro™, Arclogistics™ and DispatchTrack™. Map your routes to save resources such as mileage, gas and time. Communicate GPS routes and updates to drivers on the road and allow customers to track deliveries.

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