Webhooks: Event-Triggered Automation

Trigger Timely Actions Across Your Retail Operation

Automation of processes is the secret to retail scalability. Webhooks are a critical component of technology automation. Webhooks enable businesses to consistently act on data triggers to initiate actions without relying on memory or human intervention. This automation helps teams execute required functions reliably and deliver timely customer experiences. With STORIS Webhooks for furniture retailers.

Webhooks flowing data triggers across software solutions.
  • Enhance your customer experiences by consistently executing communications and follow-up activities.
  • Architect a sequence of events without manual intervention or resource-intensive overhead.
  • Power business growth by freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives by reducing tedious tasks.

Achieve Strategic Automation with Webhooks

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IMPORTANT NOTE: STORIS provides detailed documentation to support Webhooks implementations. A retailer’s in-house development team or a trusted third party is responsible for programming Webhook actions or leveraging Zapier as a no-code option for building workflows. Webhooks is an add-on solution to STORIS API solutions.

How Do Webhooks Automate Data-Driven Workflows?

Webhooks function when a defined event within the STORIS solution, such as the addition, change, or deletion of data, triggers a resulting action. The trigger generates a data file that is sent to an Event Hub. The Event Hub routes the data to other areas of the STORIS solution or third-party technology to initiate the desired action.

STORIS is proud to be an official Zapier partner. We’ve made our Webhooks solution available to initiate triggers in Zapier’s sleek, no-code interface.

Discover STORIS Webhooks Event Triggers

  • Order & Quote Entry

    Trigger internal activities and customer communications when sales orders are placed, or quotes are generated both in-store or online.

  • Membership Rewards

    Notify customers in your membership programs when they earn reward incentives so you entice the next sale.

  • Payment Taken

    Thank your customers and facilitate swift payment processing by setting up payment notifications as event triggers.

  • Inventory Reservations

    Get alerted when inventory is ready to reserve to an order so your team can swiftly begin order fulfillment and deliver merchandise on time, every time.

  • Delivery Scheduling

    Is that fulfillment ready to go? Trigger actions when a delivery or pickup is scheduled, such as initiating routing or building a manifest without lifting a finger.

  • Fulfillment Completed

    Your order is signed, sealed, delivered! The opportunity is yours to collect customer reviews or recommend upsells to grow retention.

A Set of Tools to Effectively Manage Webhooks

Webhooks system administrators will enjoy a robust suite of tools from STORIS to manage Webhooks. This is your command center to ensure automation success.

  • Subscribe to Event Triggers important to your business.
  • Program actions or leverage Zapier to build powerful workflows.
  • Eliminate wasteful calls yet retain insights into data changes in real time.
  • Use data logging and health monitoring to automate peace of mind.

Ensure critical data changes are catalysts for essential actions with Webhooks.

Achieve Strategic Automation with Webhooks

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