ERP Software for Home Furnishings Retail

Furniture Enterprise Resource Planning

In a technology-driven market, home furnishings retailers know it’s critical to deploy the right ERP solution. Valuable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides automation and integration of all facets of your retail operation. STORIS' Enterprise Resource Planning Solution is specifically engineered for furniture retail management. With STORIS' ERP:

ERP Software for Home Furnishings Retail
  • Centralize your retail operations across multiple stores, websites, distribution centers, and supply chains.
  • Manage key department functions from a single, integrated technology solution.
  • Automate your business processes for an efficient workflow, saving time and resources.
  • Support the seamless cycle of inventory from purchasing through order fulfillment.
  • Scale your technology as your business grows with a supportive infrastructure.

Optimize Your Retail Operations with STORIS' ERP

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What Is an ERP Solution for the Furniture Industry?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is defined as “software designed to integrate the main functions of an organization’s business processes into a unified system. A distinguishing feature of furniture ERP software is a central database that improves data accuracy, facilitates reporting, and enables collaboration.” (TechTarget) An ERP wraps its arms around an entire business and helps the retailer organize every aspect of their operation from purchasing, receiving, inventory, point of sale, and delivery. STORIS’ ERP supports a unified commerce strategy, where all technologies are part of a single, centralized commerce platform providing a beacon of real-time knowledge.

What Are Features of STORIS’ Home Furnishings ERP?

Cloud-Based Furniture ERP Software

STORIS’ cloud ERP solution for furniture retailers combines the benefits of a cashflow friendly subscription model with the security and simplicity of a fully hosted solution. STORIS’ cloud ERP is hosted in a world-class, Tier 3+ Data Center enabling access to our leading technology without needing to purchase expensive hardware. Leave the IT infrastructure in STORIS’ hands and enjoy all the home furnishings retail ERP software features you need to focus on your retail operations. On-premise server deployment is also available.

A Comprehensive Retail Management System

STORIS’ comprehensive approach to Enterprise Resource Planning allows you to operate all the parts of your business from one integrated software application. An integrated ERP is efficient – saving time and resources while reducing processing errors. Because all departments within your business are operating within the same furniture ERP software, there is a “single source of truth.” From buying and purchasing to sales and warehouse management, your team will work together harmoniously. With STORIS, nothing falls through the cracks thanks to our tight operational control and seamless system-wide communication.

Growth Through Scalability & Automation

STORIS’ Enterprise Resource Planning Solution helps our customers grow with a scalable technology platform and features that enhance performance. Our ERP’s infrastructure scales while retaining high processing speeds. STORIS supports unlimited users, store locations, and warehouses. Our furniture ERP supports growth by automating tedious business processes, empowering your team to focus on what matters such as customer experience, merchandise curation, and sales expertise. As you grow, STORIS’ diverse offering of advanced companion modules facilitates the increasing technology needs of a large-scale operation.

Multi-Channel Order Management System

A furniture ERP solution helps you meet the needs of your customer by managing the flow of inventory through your supply chain. A furniture Order Management System is a critical part of an ERP Solution. The Order Management System allows a retailer to seamlessly fulfill Sales Orders taken at the point of sale or via your eCommerce website. Furniture order processing includes the procurement of inventory from a vendor or warehouse stock, allocation of inventory to the order, and final delivery or fulfillment of the product to the customer’s home.

Exceeding Customers’ Fulfillment Expectations

An intelligent ERP automatically provides the customer with their promised delivery date using real-time inventory data. With effective tracking of vendor lead times, in-transit durations, and merchandising activity, a furniture ERP provides your sales team with accurate information to close a sale. Providing these precise details to the customer at the point of sale establishes a high level of trust. When that merchandise is actually fulfilled on the promised date, customer satisfaction is exceedingly high, which provides the opportunity to earn repeat business and referrals.

An ERP Driven by Engineering Excellence

STORIS is always evolving. We dedicate an unmatched number of hours to Research and Development to ensure that you are investing in a furniture ERP that is always up-to-date with market trends and the latest innovative technology. With an average of two new releases each year, you can have confidence that our software will not only provide a competitive advantage today but also well into the future.

An ERP Offering for Your Unique Requirements

Leading retailers view great technology as an investment in increasing profitability. All STORIS retailers process with our industry-proven applications for Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Merchandising, Logistics, Accounting & Analytical Reporting. We offer Cloud Packages for independent retailers looking to get started with STORIS’ ERP.  At the enterprise level of furniture ERP systems, each retail business operates with a specific set of requirements. Our account executives will tailor a custom mix of STORIS’ core applications and companion modules that will best serve your organization. Consult with our experts today!

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