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STORIS: The Unified Commerce Solution

Deliver an Exceptional Home Furnishings Retail Experience Through Integrated, Scalable Software Solutions

Unified Commerce Solution

Industry experts from the National Retail Federation, Boston Retail Partners, and Forbes are in agreement. Retail has entered a new era. If you’re running a furniture, bedding or appliance retail business, you know how critical it is to deploy the right technology. In the home furnishings industry, it was once hard to imagine a marketplace where revenue was so greatly influenced and largely generated through eCommerce and mobile. That day is here. Not only should retailers envision this, but it is critical to their future success to strategize for these channels today.

For many retailers operating in traditional environments, this dynamic market brings uncertainty about how to prepare retail businesses to capitalize on changing consumer purchasing behavior. Deploying an industry-agnostic software suite is likely to go over your allotted timeline and budget due to costly customizations. Homegrown or antiquated systems typically cannot evolve with your business as technology requirements do.

Fortunately, there’s STORIS, the home furnishings industry’s Unified Commerce Solution specifically built for furniture, bedding, and appliance retailers.

Meeting Home Furnishings Retailers’ Specialized Requirements

STORIS’ developers design a Unified Commerce Solution to help home furnishings retailers capture today’s shoppers and maximize their revenue potential.  We understand the requirements of retailers in this highly specialized market and have spent 30 years developing solutions tailored to their needs.

Unified Commerce Is the Strategy of the Future, But What Exactly Is Unified Commerce?

“Unified Commerce puts the customer experience first, breaks down the walls between internal channel silos, and leverages a single commerce platform. A single, centralized, real-time platform for all customer engagement points is fundamental to Unified Commerce.” Boston Retail Partners

Every interaction customers have with your brand must be seamlessly integrated, from their personal devices to the technology in your showrooms. This interaction must provide a pleasant experience and convey your brand message.

Technology is the Foundation of Unified Commerce

One of the questions you may be asking yourself is, “what is the difference between Unified Commerce and Omnichannel retailing?” Historically speaking, as different channels of retailing became widely utilized, many retailers began to build out their strategies for these channels using disparate technologies. The omnichannel approach commonly sees a separation between a retailer’s in-store and online presence. Today, in order to maximize efficiency and increase information transparency, Unified Commerce calls for one “unified” furniture ERP software solution.

And It Is All About the Consumer

Unified Commerce is designed to best serve today’s consumer, who is shopping their favorite brands across multiple touchpoints. Unified Commerce is about creating a seamless experience, so that no matter where and when they shop your brand, the customer can always pick up where they left off without missing a beat.

In home furnishings specifically, it’s estimated that around 90% of purchasing journeys begin with an online search, yet the vast majority of purchases are still happening at the store. Savvy customers are doing their research before choosing 1-2 destinations to visit in person. That means your online information needs to be compelling and consistent with your in-store experience to win the customer’s business.

With an understanding of Unified Commerce, here are three reasons why moving toward this strategy ahead of the curve provides your business with a competitive advantage:


  1. Today’s multi-channel consumers shop more often and spend 3x more than their single-channel counterparts. (Smart Insights)
  2. 90% of retailers plan to use centralized inventory management, order management, and integrated CRM as part of a unified commerce platform within 3 years. (Pitney Bowes)
  3. Those retailers who remain slow in delivering a unified commerce experience will likely see the impact in the form of sluggish sales. (RetailTouchPoints)

Interested in learning even more about Unified Commerce? Our Guide to Unified Commerce provides a deeper dive into this chief retail strategy.

Cloud-Based Furniture ERP Solution

STORIS’ cloud solution combines the benefits of a cashflow friendly subscription model with the security and simplicity of a fully hosted solution. Through the STORIS Cloud, your data is hosted in a world-class, Tier 1 data center without needing to purchase expensive hardware. Leave the IT infrastructure in STORIS’ hands and enjoy all the software features you need to focus on your retail operations. On-premise server deployment is also available.

STORIS’ Unified Commerce Platform consists of advanced furniture ERP software features:


STORIS is the standard when it comes to Furniture Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions. Best of all, because STORIS engagements begin with our thorough discovery and implementation process, you’ll get more than a software suite. You’ll pinpoint inefficiencies, identify opportunities, and learn how you can get the most out of your new technology. Request a STORIS Demo to learn more today.

Discover the Difference

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