Mobile POS for Modern Furniture Showrooms

Mobile Point of Sale Solution for Home Furnishings Retailers

STORIS NextGen Mobile POS system empowers Sales Associates with a modern selling toolkit. From quick access to accurate product data to easily and organically building Sales Orders, a mobile furniture POS improves the experience in showrooms. With a web-based Mobile Point of Sale:

Customer and Sales Associate Using STORIS Mobile POS
  • Transform the traditional retail showroom into a modern experience to support retail wherever it happens
  • Empower your Sales Associates with intuitive selling tools they’ll value using
  • Provide precise, real-time product knowledge without physical limitation
  • Process custom Special Orders from any mobile device through a reimagined, user experience workflow
  • Decrease checkout times dramatically with streamlined Sales Order creation and fast processing speeds
  • Facilitate an efficient and enjoyable customer experience increasing customer satisfaction

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What Is a Mobile POS System for Home Furnishings Retail?

A Mobile Point of Sale (POS) solution modernizes your furniture retail showrooms, providing untethered access to inventory, customer, and order information from any device, anywhere on your showroom floor. With a true web-based Mobile POS, you can allow the purchase experience to unfold naturally for the customer, quickly answering questions, building the sales order, and, when the time is right, completing the transaction from your mobile device while delivering a professional and seamless retail experience.

Gold Line

State-of-the-Art, Web-Based Mobile POS

STORIS NextGen Mobile POS for furniture retailers is developed using best-in-breed, web-based technology. Our Mobile Point of Sale solution is innately mobile responsive and device-agnostic, enabling you to use this technology on the device of your choice. STORIS NextGen Mobile POS system is designed for speed and provides streamlined workflows through carefully constructed user interface design.

Shopping Carts Transition from Shopping to Buying

While shopping, an associate collects information the guest is naturally sharing. Associates can add stock products to a Shopping Cart or configure custom, special order pieces.  When the guest is ready to purchase, the associate has the majority of the sales order already completed. This decreases the amount of time it takes to check out. For guests that want to sleep on their decision, easily email a Shopping Cart to the customer with a personalized message. This encourages “browse in-store, buy online” conversions.

Real-Time Product Knowledge of Your Inventory

Instantly search your inventory in STORIS’ furniture Mobile POS software via fast-acting barcode scanning or through dynamic filtering. These search capabilities provide your Sales Associates with quick access to your entire inventory. From product imagery and descriptions to current pricing, promotions, quantities, and availability data, your associates can provide real-time information to your customers from anywhere in your showroom. Mobile Point of Sale also automatically provides product suggestions and eligible protection plans and warranties to upsell and consistently increase your average order value.

Special Order Configuration

Configure special order products while shopping with your customers from our web-based Mobile POS. Templates set up by the retailer will display for the appropriate vendor, category, group, or individual SKU added to the cart. The templates populate fields in the order entry workflow so associates know which variables to define. Fields can cover variables such as fabric, finishes, arm or leg styles, and more. If a retailer chooses, you can pre-define pricing for add-on options to automatically calculate a final selling price. When a Special Order product is checked out, a purchase order can automatically generate for the vendor.

Advanced Discounting Logic

In STORIS NextGen Mobile POS, sales associates can easily run the “discounting” action on a shopping cart to receive all promotions that can be applied to the order. Using sophisticated discounting logic, eligible discounts will be cross-referenced based on products in the shopping cart. STORIS will automatically validate that none of the core discounting rules the retailer sets have been broken and that minimum requirements have been met to protect your margins.

Nimble Management of Multiple Fulfillments

The Shopping Cart in STORIS’ furniture Mobile POS software intuitively groups line items by fulfillment method, such as delivery or pickup. Sales associates can easily define components of each fulfillment including location, address, and delivery route. Each line item displays its own Available to Promise date or when it’s ready to be scheduled. Because the shopping cart is organized by fulfillment, a comprehensive Available to Customer date will denote when all products in the fulfillment can be fulfilled.

Effortless Shopping Cart to Sales Order Conversion

When the customer is ready to finalize their selections, products in the Shopping Cart can be edited, added, or deleted. Discount eligibility and product availability will be revalidated if returning to the cart at a later time. At checkout, the associate can finalize the fulfillment dates using STORIS’ Logistical Scheduling Calendar. After placing the Sales Order, it will submit from STORIS NextGen to the STORIS ERP automatically. Sometimes, a guest will need to sleep on their decision. To preserve the work an associate has completed with the guest while in-store, they can send the guest home with a Sales Quote that locks-in final options, pricing, and promotions you’ve negotiated for a seamless online checkout.

Comprehensive Pricing Components

When creating the final Sales Order, all pricing components will be broken down in an Order Summary including merchandise subtotal, delivery charges, installation charges, discounts, protection plan and warranty charges, sales tax, and the grand total. Precise sales tax can be automatically calculated using STORIS’ tax logic or through an alternate tax interface. Relevant delivery and installation charges will be applied to the Sales Order. Retailers can easily print or email customers their receipts directly from Mobile POS leveraging your branded form templates.

Integrated Payment Processing

With STORIS’ Integrated Credit Card Solution, retailers can process credit and debit card payments for orders placed with STORIS NextGen Mobile POS. All payment data is encrypted and tokenized for security. Mobile POS can seamlessly tap into your payment infrastructure with a STORIS certified partner: Adyen, Clover Connect, or Shift4.

Point of Sale Capabilities for Store Managers

The manager’s role in STORIS NextGen unlocks visibility into store-level data. Manager Dashboards allows for monitoring expected sale values for a potential timeframe to support associates in closing more business. To help negotiate a deal, managers can have additional discounting capabilities or manually override a price to match a competitor. Associates can send a Manager Override Authorization Request directly to their manager’s device for approval without having to be physically near them. Managers are conveniently alerted by a text message. This vastly improves efficiency and the customer’s experience.

An Intuitive, User-Friendly Platform

In retail, hiring and retaining strong Sales Associates are supported by intuitive technology. By leveraging Google’s Material Design, STORIS NextGen Mobile POS is a familiar, easy-to-use application. The workflows created by STORIS UX/UI designers, not only provide intuitive technology for your team but reflect the way today’s customer shops. Users describe STORIS NextGen as easy to learn, train, and use, which increases the adoption and ROI of its Mobile POS.

Hear From a Valued Mobile POS User

“STORIS NextGen Mobile POS has completely changed the way our sales associates interact with our guests. With a wealth of information literally at their fingertips, they never have to leave their guests throughout the shopping experience. We realized an immediate impact through higher close rates, improved guest experience and a boost in employee morale.” -Charlie Malouf, President and CEO of Broad River Retail

STORIS NextGen Mobile POS for Furniture Retailers

Special Order Arrives in STORIS NextGen

The ability to configure Special Orders while shopping with your customers elevates the experience of buying customized furniture like never before. Learn how in the video.

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