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eSTORIS: eCommerce Solution

A STORIS Integrated Website PlatformeCommerce platform

An Integrated Web Presence is essential in today’s retail market. 80% of customers browse online before heading to stores (Internet Retailer) and eCommerce sales are growing at an average rate of 16%+ per year (U.S. Bureau of Labor).

eSTORIS provides retailers with a complete website solution directly integrated with STORIS’ retail software. Whether you choose to sell online or begin by displaying product information, a website broadens your brand’s presence across markets and is a valuable asset to your retail strategy.

Sophisticated Design:  Our eCommerce platform offers sophisticated and functional responsive design options.

An SEO Optimized Platform: In the last year, a mobile responsive design has become a priority for Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). eSTORIS is designed to meet these SEO needs, which can have substantial benefits on website rankings, conversions, and revenue. Whether retailers are practicing local SEO or selling internationally, SEO is imperative for success.

Advanced Inventory & Pricing Integration: Real-time integration with STORIS’ retail software enhances inventory management across channels, eliminating the tedious double entry. afw-websiteIntegration shows customers real-time inventory quantities and accurate pricing with dynamic displays based on stock availability. The retailer also has options for how to automatically handle Out of Stock scenarios. Advanced inventory integration is also available on the eSTORIS platform.

Customer Tracking Features: eSTORIS allows you to create customer log-ins that match your website and in your stores through the customer email addresses. This allows retailers to retain integrated customer history through their STORIS database. Customers can create shopping carts across channels, easily check their order statuses, and manage their shopping history from the comfort of their homes.

Website Management & Services: The team here at STORIS provides supportive services for eSTORIS, including functional and technical support.  Your implementation project manager will provide a detailed project schedule and sitemap plan. Our team offers core training to help your web team become independent and efficient users of your website. eSTORIS’ built-in content management system is user-friendly and makes it easy for retailers to control the day to day management and keep content fresh and relevant.

Favorite eSTORIS Features:

  • Omni-channel shopping carts
  • Displayed “add-on” products for up-selling
  • Product reviews that pend approval
  • Email collection and sign-up with related discount
  • Designed email templates for automatic alerts
  • Blog hosting with posting, tagging and archiving
  • Outbound icon links to social media
  • Embedded video media
  • Integrated Google Maps

Having a mobile-optimized eCommerce website enables retailers to actively participate in their customers’ shopping journeys, which typically begins with research online. eSTORIS will help drive traffic to your brick & mortar stores, maximizing revenue potential. The ability to integrate in real time between your STORIS database and eSTORIS website improves the customer’s experience when shopping your brand.

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