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Consulting for Technology Optimization

Whether you are a long-term STORIS user or are discovering new solutions for your home furnishings business, regularly evaluating if you are using technology to its fullest is critical to continuous success. An Operational Review can uncover:

Operational Review
  • New STORIS features that can deliver value – that you already own!
  • Workflow process recommendations to streamline efficiencies.
  • Training opportunities for your staff to better serve your customers.
  • Security and control setting suggestions that can help better manage processes.
  • Analytical reporting that can help you discover new strategies.
  • Areas where you have grown and could benefit from advanced functionality.

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About Operational Reviews

Savvy furniture retailers have strategic plans to infuse more technology-driven processes into their operations. An Operational Review is a deep dive into a functional area of your home furnishings business’ operations. The goal is to uncover critical opportunities for improvement. Benefits realized range from increasing profitability to creating a modern shopping experience. Operational Reviews are especially critical in today’s market where consumer preferences and retail experiences are rapidly changing. An Operational Review can be conducted through two flexible options: Onsite or Virtual.

Experienced Consultants

STORIS’ experienced Consulting Services Team works with over 500 retailers. Our team receives ongoing, in-depth training on STORIS’ new technologies. STORIS is a robust business solution with features that are designed to scale as your business grows. Additionally, we release a new features throughout the year. Our goal is to ensure your business is taking complete advantage of all that STORIS has to offer and is operating as efficiently as possible through technology. We want you to gain the greatest return on your investment.

Focuses of an Operational Review

Operational Reviews can span a complete business audit or target a specific functional area of your choice. To get inspired, here are example Operational Review focuses we have helped our clients with:


  1. Reducing checkout time at the Point of Sale
  2. Enhancing the customer experience through STORIS NextGen
  3. Managing inventory more effectively for Unified Commerce
  4. Increasing average ticket revenue with suggested selling
  5. Improving gross margin through promotional pricing tools
  6. Optimizing warehouse operations & inventory flow

Onsite Operational Review

Operational Reviews can be conducted by our consultant(s) traveling to your location. While there, they interact with members of your team to observe and evaluate your business’ use of the STORIS application. An Onsite Operational Review typically spans a broad range of business functions and is a smart option for enterprise retailers with large scale operations. Onsite Operational Reviews can also target specific functional areas over periods of time or be conducted in coordination with the implementation of advanced technologies.

Virtual Operational Review

STORIS offers Operational Reviews through virtual web sessions and conference calls, which minimizes time constraints and expenses associated with an onsite consultant. Flexible scheduling of virtual meetings makes it easier to fit your team’s busy schedule. This adds the benefit of facilitating interviews with more members of your team at the best time for them. If needed, your consultant can include other STORIS personnel to strategically evaluate your needs. This gives your staff access to numerous members of our expert team. Virtual Operational Reviews are an impactful way STORIS retail partners are taking advantage of the important evaluation process needed to stay up-to-date with rapid technological advances.

Current to Future State Evaluation

No matter how you choose to conduct your Operational Review, the result is recommendations to improve your business processes through further use of STORIS’ technologies. The scope of your project in either scenario can be as specific or extensive as your business requires. During the Operational Review, your consultant uses their observations of your business to map out the “Current State” of each process. From there, the consultant identifies and analyzes each of the opportunities in order to propose an optimized “Future State”, leveraging industry best practices, and STORIS’s latest tools and technologies.

 Actionable Project Plan

The result of an Operational Review is an actionable project plan designed with industry best practices and strategies for retail growth at the top of mind. The goal is to drive performance and optimize daily workflows for your unique business requirements. To help you achieve these end results, STORIS can provide consulting, training, and collaborative meetings as required.

Hear About C.S. Wo’s Operational Review

“We conduct a targeted Operational Review annually. We recently focused on expediting our merchandise offering and fulfillment capabilities. We are now leveraging key tools to add new inventory into our system and make mass updates expediently. Additionally, we discovered ways to use STORIS systems controls to streamline our Special Order and Purchase Order Approval Processes. Even as a client of over 10 years, we continue to learn and gain so much through the Ops Review process.” -Daphne Oliveros, Division Manager at C.S. Wo

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