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STORIS Operational Reviews

Consulting Services for
Technology Optimization

At STORIS, we focus on long-term retail partnerships. In fact, many of our valued clients have been with us for our complete 30-year history. We also work with many retailers in the beginning stages of adopting more technology into their business processes.

Whether you are a long-term STORIS user or are discovering new technologies for your home furnishings business, regularly evaluating if you are using technology to its fullest is critical to continuous success.

Operational ReviewWhat is an Operational Review?

An Operational Review is a deep dive into a functional area of your home furnishings business operations. The goal is to uncover critical opportunities for improvement. Benefits realized range from increasing profitability to enhancing for a modern shopping experience. Operational Reviews are especially critical in today’s market where consumer preferences and retail experiences are rapidly changing.

STORIS experienced Consulting Services Team works with over 400 retailers regularly. Our team receives ongoing, in-depth training on STORIS’ new technology solutions. Our goal is to ensure your business is taking complete advantage of all that STORIS has to offer. We want you to gain the greatest return on your investment in technology.

STORIS is a robust business solution with features that are designed to be scalable as your business grows. Additionally, we release new feature sets every six months.

If you believe an area of your business could be better optimized through technology, an Operational Review can uncover the following:

  • New STORIS features that would deliver value – that you already own!
  • Workflow process recommendations to streamline efficiencies
  • Training opportunities for your staff to better serve your customers
  • Security and control settings suggestions that can help better manage processes
  • Analytical reporting that can help you discover new strategies
  • Areas where you have grown and could benefit from advanced functionality


Examples of Operational Review Focuses Include:


Operational Reviews can span a complete business audit or focus on a specific, targeted functional area of your choice.

“We conduct a targeted Operational Review annually. We recently focused on expediting our merchandise offering and fulfillment capabilities. We are now leveraging key tools to add new inventory into our system and make mass updates expediently. Additionally, we discovered ways to use STORIS systems controls to streamline our Special Order and Purchase Order Approval Processes. Even as a client of over 10 years, we continue to learn and gain so much through the Ops Review process.”

-Daphne Oliveros, Division Manager at C.S. Wo
Client Since 2008 | Grew Revenue by 5.0% in 2017

How are Operational Reviews Conducted?

Our consultants travel to your retail operation and evaluate your business’ use of the STORIS application through an Operational Review. They observe your company’s typical technology use cases across specified areas of review. In some cases, Operational Reviews may occur via WebEx at the preference of the retailer.

Past vs. FutureThe Consultant uses their observations of your business to map out a “Current State.” From there, the consultant analyzes opportunities and builds an actionable project plan. This is designed to take your business to an enhanced “Future State.”

The “Future State” is designed with industry best practices and strategies for retail growth top of mind. The goal is to improve daily workflows for your unique business requirements.


Savvy furniture retailers have strategic plans to infuse more technological-driven processes into their operations and learn how Unified Commerce can support a competitive advantage.

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