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STORIS Serves Appliances Retailers

STORIS has been dedicated to serving appliance retailers for over 30 years. Our appliance pos software provides fully integrated tools that enable retailers to seamlessly transition between the sale and service of their appliance inventory for an exceptional customer experience. STORIS software has key features important to appliance retailers including:

STORIS Serves Appliances Retailers
  • Customer Service
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Vendor Chargebacks
  • Sell-Through Allowances
Appliance Retailers Trust STORIS’ Appliance Sales and Service Software
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We listen to the evolving needs of our partners to deliver relevant tools appliance retailers need to succeed. Here are features of our Unified Commerce Solution:
  • Serialized
    Inventory Tracking

    Track each piece of your appliance inventory with an individualized serial number. This enables you to associate a unique piece to a customer’s Sales Order and carry identification through to service requests and warranty maintenance.

  • Merchandising by
    Groups with Soft Kits

    Merchandise using Groups and adjustable Soft Kits to accomodate customers buying a matching suite of appliances. Soft Kits allow for flexibile combinations to be sold from a collection.

  • Multiple Concurrent Fullfillments

    Manage multi-facetted, concurrent deliveries from a single Sales Order to provide a seamless customer experience, especially when serving commercial development and contracting segments.

  • Customer Service & Appliance Repairs

    Directly connect a Service Order to its corresponding customer record and original sale. Our appliance sales and repair software provides the tools to successfully run a service department including managing warranties, inventorying parts for repairs, and building team schedules.

  • Rebates & Cost Adjustments

    Track inventory you’ve sold during a rebate eligibility period and monies owed for these Vendor Rebates via our integrated appliance accounting solution. Make cost adjustments to ensure your profit margins are updated to reflect the rebate.

  • Vendor

    To offset the costs of damages and repairs, efficiently track authorization numbers, documentation, and service reports related to merchandise that is eligible for AP credit from the manufacturer with STORIS’ Vendor Chargeback functionality.

Appliance Retail POS Software
“STORIS is easy to use, runs our business smoothly, helps make us more efficient, and saves time for everyone at Karl’s, so we can focus on selling and customer service.”

– Elmer Karl, President

STORIS proudly partners with industry Appliance Buying Groups.

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The Guide to Appliance Retail Software from STORIS

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STORIS has been delivering appliance point of sale software to retailers for over 30 years. We continuously develop real-time technology with strategic features needed to successfully sell and service appliances. In our guide, we highlight key operational areas and detail functionality our appliance retailers rely on.

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