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Appliance Store POS Software

Appliance Retail Point of Sale Software for Every Aspect of Your Business

Appliances Retail SoftwareSTORIS has been dedicated to serving appliance retailers for over 30 years. Our goal is to deliver fully integrated tools that make daily activities more efficient, provide valuable insights, improve staff productivity, save valuable time, and enable you to concentrate on growth.

With focused industry experience, our development team designs:

  • Appliance Store POS Software
  • Appliance Inventory Control
  • Applicance Accounting Software

STORIS Appliance Retail Software Features

Understanding Evolving Needs

Our entire client base is rooted in the home furnishings industry including appliance and electronics retailers big and small. One of our favorite success stories is about a client of over 15 years, Karl’s Appliance, who has enjoyed consistent growth with STORIS. Named the #1 Appliance and Electronics Retailers in the Upper Midwest, Karl’s has 20 stores across 7 states.

We listen to the evolving needs of our retailers and the market to deliver current, relevant tools appliance and electronics stores love! Here are some of our clients’ favorites:

Serial Tracking

STORIS’ appliance inventory software effectively organizes your inventory with individualized serial tracking, including cost controls with the option to track products by serial ID numbers.

Integrated Customer Service

Manages extended services including warranties and repairs, using our seamless customer service functionality with direct links to the customer’s record and original sale.

Optimized Upselling Appliance Store POS Tools

Increases your average ticket by alerting your sales staff to extended service agreements available for specific products, before completing a sales or service order.

Associated Product Windows

Takes suggested selling a step further to increase sales using category-related merchandise prompts including hardware and accessories.

Group Builder

Organizes your inventory families into product groups for strategic selling, including pricing strategies, to create incentives for customers to buy more.

Distribution & Logistics

Streamlines processing of multiple delivery routes using integrated warehouse management functions to improve logistics organization.

Manufacturer Relationship Management

Streamline functionality with appliance vendors to save time and money by tracking charge-backs and multi-vendor discounts.

Appliance Accounting Solution

Manage your business’ accounts payable, receivable, and general ledger through appliance accounting software that is integrated with your store’s appliance POS.

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