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Furniture Point of Sale System for Stores

A key component of running a furniture retail operation is the technology behind your transactions. The Furniture Point of Sale Solution that powers your store needs to be fast, accurate, and reliable for your business to gain a competitive advantage and deliver an exceptional customer experience. STORIS delivers a Furniture POS Solution that:

Furniture Shopping
  • Processes furniture sales and service orders efficiently and speeds up checkout
  • Provides an intuitive interface for your sales team to deliver personalized customer service
  • Enables access to inventory details needed to effectively close sales
  • Updates in real time across your retail organization
  • Integrates across brick & mortar, eCommerce, mobile, and kiosk

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94% of retailers indicate that they have or plan to implement a Unified Commerce platform within the next 3 years according to Boston Retail Partners. Your Point of Sale is the foundation of your in-store customer experience.

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Furniture Store Point of Sale System Capabilities

STORIS’ Retail Point of Sale allows your team to enter and complete sales orders, layaways, quotes, exchanges, returns, and service orders with efficiency. Our user-friendly design makes the checkout process smooth and expedient, allowing you to deliver quality customer service. Additionally, retailers can use barcode scanning at the point of sale to precisely capture product details. To provide the best customer experience for today’s modern shopper, the STORIS POS system for furniture stores is certified for mobile use on Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.

Unified Shopping Cart Integration

Today, many customers visit a store after researching products online and adding them to a shopping cart via a retailer’s website. STORIS’ furniture store POS is integrated with our eCommerce Solution. Retailers can view, edit, and complete the shopping cart the customer started at home. Conversely, edits made to the shopping cart through STORIS’ in-store furniture POS system will be updated in sync with the customer’s website cart at home. Customers can then easily complete their order online after their store visit.

Customer History

STORIS’ Furniture POS System maintains customer history including contact information, purchase history, open shopping carts, and sales orders. This supports your sales staff in providing personalized service and proactively following up with customers to complete more sales tickets.

Inventory Information

To support your sales team in closing sales, STORIS’ POS for furniture stores provides real-time inventory data including availability, quantities, and pricing details.  Using mobile POS enables your team to provide accurate inventory information to the customer without leaving their side.

Associated Product Selling

Retailers are always looking to grow their average ticket value. Our home furnishings Point of Sale Solution enables retailers to set up automated prompts that will alert your sales team of related items customer frequently purchase together. This can include valuable add-ons such as warranties and service contracts.

Delivery Scheduling

Delivery Scheduling is the primary method of order fulfillment for home furnishings retailers. STORIS calculates product availability and delivery dates that are realistic, allowing you to set achievable expectations and build customer satisfaction. You can schedule multiple delivery dates, pickups, take-withs and direct shipments within a single order.

Special Order Configuration

Special Order Configuration automates your ability to build custom products from the Point of Sale to meet individual consumer needs. This centralized tool includes all available options with built-in pricing for seamless, accurate, and error-free processing. Alter frames with selections including color, material, grade, and finish. The system will then automatically create a related purchase order.

Up System

The Up System optimizes your salesforce’s productivity. Automate balanced rotations and assign leads to staff efficiently as they enter your showroom. The Up System analyzes traffic by store location, allowing you to benchmark conversion and closing rates. Use this tool to monitor shifts and performance across your team.

Furniture POS Payment Processing

Payment Processing is streamlined with real-time integration of credit and debit card payments, electronic check verification, and signature capture. STORIS’ Furniture POS Software securely validates transactions via a certified clearinghouse and approved payment processors. Processing is PCI-PA DSS Compliant. STORIS partners with Shift4® Secure Payment Processing Gateway for EMV integration so that retailers can work with a wide array of trusted financial partners.

Discounts and Promotions

To help retailers facilitate sales, STORIS has advanced discounting capabilities. Retailers can set up promotion codes to help their sales staff price accurately when multiple items are on an order. Sales managers can set up rules in the system that will automatically be applied at the POS, ensuring margin control. They can also build promotion schedules that only enable their team to select discounts during an elected time frame.

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