STORIS Software Training

Expert Technology Guidance

Here at STORIS, we have trained hundreds of retailers and thousands of users on our software. We have crafted instructional programs that provide a thorough understanding of STORIS' software features and processes to support your business objectives. With STORIS Training Services:

  • Gain the tools and knowledge needed to confidently operate STORIS technology.
  • Learn to master your new technology from STORIS’ experienced project managers.
  • Continue learning about advancements to STORIS to enhance your use throughout our partnership.

Experienced Trainers

STORIS Trainers work directly with our clients in their day-to-day retail environments and have used STORIS across many home furnishing stores. Our trainers are attuned to the roles of the various class attendees, which helps provide beneficial tailored instruction. STORIS provides detailed training guides that the participant keeps as their personal resource.

Core STORIS Training

To kick off your STORIS partnership, each retailer has a team of power users attend Core Training to obtain a high-level understanding of STORIS’ features. They then work with their project manager to implement end-user training for their specific requirements. Core STORIS Training is modeled using the inventory flow of a typical business, from purchasing through delivery. We strongly encourage new clients to come to our New Jersey office for Core Training as this provides an opportunity for retailers to focus on learning without the distractions of their store. Equally important is that you get to learn more about your new partnership, meet our team, and see our company.

Classroom Training in New Jersey

We offer hands-on STORIS Training at our corporate headquarters in Mount Arlington, New Jersey. Each session is led by an experienced trainer who uses simulated retail scenarios to help you understand and utilize STORIS. Training is interactive and each user has their own workstation. A live instance of STORIS with example products, customers, store locations, and warehouses is used. The training classroom is an interactive environment where we encourage participants to ask questions, provide real-world examples, and connect with the other retailers in class. Clients are welcome to STORIS for classroom training at any time.

Onsite STORIS Training

We also provide the option for STORIS Trainers to teach your staff in the comfort of your own location. This curriculum is tailored to your business needs and your staff’s schedule. This option allows us to observe your practices and cater instruction to meet those needs. Onsite training is particularly valuable for certain business cases. Opening a new warehouse or launching an advanced technology? Having an onsite trainer can help you master new technology initiatives.

Virtual Training

For supplement training, STORIS offers a regular schedule of basic and advanced webinars. Web-based learning combines live interaction with the same instructors and coursework as with our in-classroom training sessions. Virtual Training covers key functional areas. Often, they provide beneficial knowledge for new hires or changing roles. Further, refresher courses are available when new functionality is introduced within STORIS.

Training Calendar

View the STORIS Training Calendar To Sign Up

The Client Portal’s training page has an interactive calendar where you can view the scheduled training program for the next few months. View classes and descriptions and sign up yourself or team members with the click of a button. We look forward to helping you learn!

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