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Effective cloud inventory management is an integral part of any home furnishings retailer’s success. STORIS enables your business to gain better control of your furniture store inventory. Our automated real-time system saves you time and manual effort while improving furniture inventory accuracy. With furniture store inventory software:

Inventory in a Warehouse
  • Reduce average age of inventory and increase both turn ratios and available cash flow
  • Integrate inventory across brick & mortar, eCommerce, and mobile
  • Balance inventory quantities while maintaining ideal levels to meet demand
  • Make strategic decisions with real-time, cloud-based inventory management software
  • Minimize shrinkage and react to control procedures

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What Is Furniture Retail Inventory Management Software?

Effective Inventory Management is the bedrock of a successful retailer. Integrated furniture Inventory Management software helps retailers manage the flow of products from supply chain, into the distribution center, and out for delivery and product fulfillment. Tracking changes, movements, and updates to every piece of inventory with real-time visibility allows a retailer to attain inventory accuracy and ultimately deliver on their fulfillment promises to their customers.

Gold Line

Flexible Furniture Stock Adjustments

STORIS’ furniture retail inventory control system allows for multiple stock adjustments from a single, user-friendly screen. This includes quantity adjustments, product status, pricing, discounting, transfers, write-offs, vendor chargebacks, special order details, and more.

Precise Furniture Store Inventory Tracking

Precise inventory tracking through furniture inventory software maintains real-time updates of inventory quantities and statuses. Audit tracking by user and store location minimizes inventory shrinkage across your supply chain.

Inventory Serial Tracking Capabilities

With serialized inventory tracking, monitor piece level activity. Tie a serial number to customers’ sales and service orders for precise warranty tracking and vendor chargeback management. Via RF Barcode, speed up picking in your warehouse by scanning the most accessible piece and automatically assign the serial number to your customer’s sales order.

Perpetual Inventory System

STORIS is a perpetual inventory system meaning that all status changes and movement of inventory within the system are automatically updated in real-time. Perpetual retail inventory software empowers retailers to act on business strategy using timely information. When using a perpetual inventory system, retails can achieve optimal control over margin, cost of goods, and shrink.

Just-in-Time Inventory Management

Just-in-Time Inventory Management systems optimize fulfillment based on stock levels and customer demand. Establish precise on-hand quantities by product and vendor settings to determine when to reserve the merchandise for a customer’s delivery date. This allows that inventory to be available “just-in-time” without over carrying inventory stock levels while increasing available cash flow.

Furniture Inventory Replenishment

STORIS intuitively alerts buyers to time-sensitive backorders when inventory needs to be replenished. The automatic stock replenishment system generates a purchase order that can be reviewed and sent out with the click of a button to maximize fulfillment. This automation creates an easy furniture replenishment process.

Furniture Inventory Flow

Inventory flow as recommended by STORIS is the First In, First Out method. FIFO reduces the age of inventory across your accounting and maintains accurate inventory valuations. By calculating cost based on the oldest purchased piece compared to the current selling price, your business will maintain ideal margins. Other methods of furniture inventory flow include Minimized Picks & Reclaim Space.

Advanced Warehouse Management

Advanced Warehouse Management improves staff productivity, increases the efficiency of inventory flow, and maximizes the storage capacity of your distribution centers. Optimize your warehouse with daily activity schedules and tools to auto-direct actions.

Barcode Scanning Technology

Barcode Scanning Technology streamlines counting, receiving, and picking processes. STORIS offers both Batch and Radio Frequency barcoding capabilities. Accurately transmit information throughout your organization to one centralized database and eliminate potential human error or theft.

Forms Designer

Forms Designer allows you to create your own floor tags, Point of Sale labels, receipts, inventory barcodes, and more. Use branded imagery and logos to give your documents a distinct look. Include product information, imagery and pricing to assist with merchandise organization.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Virtual communications allow for streamlined Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with key supply chain partners. EDI allows retailers to improve the accuracy of information transfers by eliminating human error and time lags between data exchange. STORIS provides EDI capabilities through certified partners to over 750 global manufacturers including Ashley®, Lazy Boy®, Sealy®, Whirlpool®.

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A retail inventory management system in the furniture industry is key to success. There are many opportunities to enhance the level of control you have over your furniture inventory. In the Ultimate Inventory Guide, we share our retailers’ best-kept secrets for inventory excellence.

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