Optimize Distribution Center Docks with STORIS’ Receiving Calendar

April 15th, 2024 by the STORIS Marketing Team

Inadequate coordination of receiving appointments at retail distribution centers can result in dock delays and disrupt your supply chain. Although critical to smooth warehouse operations, many retailers manually organize their receiving calendars, posing significant challenges to sustaining peak efficiency.

STORIS’ new Receiving Calendar solution empowers warehouse managers to organize third-party inbound logistics and their warehouse teams efficiently.

Settings for various inventory types and warehouse capacities aid in planning schedules, automating formerly time-intensive processes, and reducing bottom-line operating expenses. Warehouse managers running a network of distribution centers can create unique settings per location, enhancing efficiency across the supply chain.

By pre-configuring Receiving Calendar parameters, the process of building receiving calendars on an ongoing basis is automated, saving valuable time. Retail operations can establish the maximum number of truckloads and individual pieces warehouse teams can handle per day. This allows teams to be staffed appropriately to control labor costs. Stretch quantities provide flexibility for managers to exceed standard limits when it’s cost-effective.

Different lengths of time, number of staff, and warehouse space are required to properly receive various classifications of inventory. Boxed accessories such as pillows are less involved to receive than pre-assembled upholstery such as sectionals. Warehouse managers can specify the ideal time of the day to receive inventory categories and accurately estimate the duration of the receiving process. Further, designating when specific vendors are authorized to deliver purchase orders enhances supply chain synchronization.

“Through strategic planning of warehouse Receiving Calendars, retailers can efficiently utilize all available distribution center appointments. This approach enables them to effectively align staffing level with inbound activity and reserve the ideal dock space to store or cross-dock newly received inventory.”

Fiona Huddleston-Richardson, Sr. Product Manager.

Driving significant cost and time savings hinges on optimizing the flow of goods into your distribution centers. With STORIS’ Receiving Calendar, your warehouse management team controls the influx of products at your receiving bays. This powerful tool is readily accessible within the STORIS ERP platform today.

Streamline Operations with STORIS' Warehouse Receiving Calendar

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