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Integrated Accounting & Financing Software

With direct integration across transactional functions, STORIS' Furniture Accounting Software delivers an accurate capture of your company’s finances in real time. STORIS offers integrated solutions to seamlessly provide consumer credit through both in-house and third-party financing. With STORIS Accounting and Financing:

Accountant Working on Furniture Accounting Software
  • Manage your company’s financials easier, faster, and with more precision
  • Ensure accuracy with a three-way match system across purchasing, inventory, and payables
  • Reduce time, costs, and human error related to financial processing by cutting down on manual data entry
  • Secure company financials with privacy settings and audit trails
  • Increase information transparency with historical records
  • Improve cash flow with actionable information and streamline cash balancing
  • Expand your customer base by providing a range of financing payment options
  • Deliver security, comfort, and convenience during the financial application process

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STORIS' Accounting Solution eliminates error and saves retailers time by automating financial reconciliation.

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What Is Integrated Accounting for Furniture Retail Software?

Integrated furniture retail Accounting Software is a critical advantage to tightening your company’s financials. By managing your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and automatically tying these items to their appropriate General Ledgers, your accountants have real-time access to the transactional data impacting your company’s bottom line.  

Gold Line

General Ledger

The General Ledger in STORIS posts all activities from your point of sale, inventory, and back-office processes to help you balance and reconcile your finances. Time and date stamps enable precise auditing to ensure all accounting is secure and reliable.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable efficiently manages vendor purchase orders, invoicing, payments, discounts, customer refunds, and all monies due from a single entry screen. STORIS Accounts Payable tools allow you to monitor inventory costs, enter expenses, issue checks, and pay individual invoices.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable manages all monies owed including customer transactions, deposits, payments, credits, outstanding gift certificates, and more. STORIS’ security features allow you to process fund adjustments, transfers, refunds, non-sufficient funds, bad debt, and write off in-store finance payments, all in real time.

Finance at a Glance Reporter

Finance at a Glance Reporter allows users with secure access to create financial statements for single or multiple companies including Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheets. With Finance at a Glance Reporter create printer & email friendly financial documentation.

Vendor Chargebacks

The Vendor Chargeback process facilitates the collecting, reconciling, and reporting of funds from vendors. Track volume and promotional purchasing rebates, service warranty chargebacks, co-op advertising, date sensitive promotions, and more to ensure the best value for your cost of goods.

QuickBooks Integration

STORIS is a longstanding, certified partner of QuickBooks. This integration sends information from STORIS to QuickBooks and enables reporting utilizing QuickBooks data within STORIS. Further, General Ledger accounts can be imported from QuickBooks into STORIS. Retailers can operate multiple companies.

Information that electronically updates from STORIS to QuickBooks includes:

  • General Ledger Transactions
  • Accounts Payable Merchandise Bills
  • Customer Refunds
  • Vendor Information

Advanced Accounts Receivable Suite

Advanced AR expands customer access to your merchandise by allowing retailers to create and maintain interest earning payment plans while adhering to the Truth in Lending Act. Revolving Receivables automatically cycles customer payments based on plans designed around your business rules. Choose from interest rate options using credit scores. Installment Receivables creates and maintains plans for multiple contracts. From one comprehensive screen, you can activate, delete, cancel, reinstate, refinance or extend contracts, defer payments, and adjust due dates.


The Collections module enables retailers to manage customer debts, track account history, assign “Promise to Pay” & “Call Backs”, and create collection letters. Assign late fees and utilize the Repossession Tool to calculate inventory depreciation.

Consumer Credit Application

Consumer Credit Application integrates the consumer finance application process for either in-house or third-party financing by collecting customer information and transmitting it directly to certified Credit Services or Finance Vendors. This provides the retailer with settlement and account reconciliation rolls up to STORIS Accounting & GL.

Third-Party Finance Queue

Third-Party Finance manages all touch points with finance providers including application, approval, authorization, settlement, and account reconciliation from the Furniture POS. With the Finance Queue, a single credit application can be submitted against the retailer’s available options for primary, secondary, and tertiary lenders with the customer’s approval. This fast-tracks the application process while getting customers more successful approvals and higher approval values.

Customer Facing Application

To promote security and privacy when collecting sensitive customer data, the Customer Facing Application (CFA) is the ideal solution to protect retailers. Formerly, sensitive customer information was dictated to a showroom associate, which ran the risk of being insecure and uncomfortable. Now customers enter their own data into a secure online application that can be filled out in a retailer’s showroom. CFA delivers a more positive customer credit application experience for all parties and can be used along with the Finance Queue for added convenience.

Cash and Coins

Integrated POS & Accounting

There are advantages to using integrated accounting that can help your business achieve efficiency and accuracy. Leading solutions update your receivables, payables, and general ledger automatically based on the transactional data you capture at the POS without any duplicate entry.

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