STORIS Engineering Services

Industry Dedicated Application Development

STORIS provides the highest quality business applications with software to meet the technical requirements of home furnishings retailers. Our Engineering Team develops comprehensive features that coincide with the needs of the retail market. Our goals are:

Software Development
  • Introduce a new software release every six months on average
  • Design software that is relevant to current market technology advances
  • Develop enhancements important to our client base

Dedicated Research & Development

STORIS devotes an unmatched amount of time and resources to the continuous development of our product offering. With over 70,000 hours of engineering annually, we set the bar in software R&D and produce viable results customers appreciate. When you choose STORIS, you don’t have to worry about your software becoming antiquated or out of touch with market demand. At STORIS, we make producing the industry’s most technologically advanced applications our priority and have done so for over 30 years.

New Releases and Updates

STORIS has introduced two major software releases each year for the past decade. Our releases include significant enhancements and new functionality important in the marketplace. Clients stay current with automatic updates and quickly released upgrades. Our team delivers upgrades with minimal business interruption.

Product Suggestion Collaborative Design Portal

STORIS retailers can use the interactive Product Suggestion Portal available on our Client Portal. Here our clients are invited to submit their own ideas and provide feedback on enhancement recommendations submitted by other clients. This gives our entire retail network an opportunity to collaboratively discuss needs that are on the rise in their retail stores.

Product Enhancements

Some clients require custom applications and interfaces. STORIS delivers these development requests, along with many other enhancements, on time and on budget. Because these solutions are incorporated into our standard release, all of our clients have access to all new features and upgrades via our service and feature pack updates.

Hear From Our Partner

“STORIS offers a complete framework to support our business. Since partnering in 1997, we’ve been able to utilize current technology without having to be the experts. This enables us to concentrate on running our business. Technology changes rapidly and STORIS has proven to keep up at an impressive pace, which is easier said than done.” John Troller, CFO


Keeping Tech Fresh with Upgrades

Technology is integral to the shopping experience. In this article, we highlight 5 reasons engineering should be a strategic consideration of your software evaluation. Learn why having regularly enhanced technology can help you best engage with your customers.

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