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Customer Service Management

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Customer Service, Repairs, and Warranties

An important part of many appliance and furniture retail operations is servicing the merchandise they sell. STORIS’ Customer Service module helps retailers to seamlessly transition from sale to service of their inventory.

Managing a service department through an integrated solution helps retailers track the value of a consumer across inventory and non-inventory related services.

Further, items including appliances and electronics, that are eligible for service are often tracked using a serial identification number. The product’s initial sale may also be associated with a warranty. STORIS’ integrated method of managing these two important aspects of Customer Service is streamlined and efficient.

STORIS enables you to effectively manage your Customer Service department and:

  • Provide value-added benefits to your customers beyond the initial sale of an item
  • Tie service requests to the merchandise’s sales order & serial number, if applicable
  • Order and track parts required to properly service a product
  • Utilize integrated customer profiles to easily follow up on Service Orders
  • Manage payments and responsible parties required with access to warranty terms
  • Organize time and routes for your service department
  • Extend your average order value with service-related add-ons
Customer Service & Repairs:

For products that require routine maintenance or that are likely to need repair over their lifespan, running a service department can be a valuable addition to your business. STORIS’ integrated Customer Service module allows you to manage orders for non-inventory requests such as a technician’s time and labor. Service Orders can be created as independent items for new customers or be linked to a Sales Order with the customer’s history, contact details, inventory information, and related warranties.

Service Parts Procurement:

For retailers needing to order specific parts associated with a job, STORIS can create a purchase order for those parts that links to that Service Order. This can also be submitted, acknowledged, and completed through EDI for manufacturer parts. Retailers can maintain an inventory for parts that are routinely needed. Tickler Messages are a useful tool that alerts the technician assigned to a Service Order of a status change or when parts needed to schedule the job have been received.


Extended Warranties & Protection Plans:

A great way for retailers to increase their average ticket value is by offering extended warranties and product protection plans. With Point of Sale integration, sales associates can be prompted to suggest service add-ons based on the inventory being purchased.

STORIS tracks warranty expiration dates as well as specific rules or exceptions associated with the terms of service. This integration to the initial Sales Order helps the retailer appropriately price services based on the terms and timeframe of the warranty. Through integrated warranty management, the retailer can also manage the responsible parties associated with service payments. This includes if the service is covered internally or if payment is owed by the manufacturer, customer, or another third-party.


Vendor Chargebacks:

Customer Service teams often handle items that were received damaged directly from the manufacturer. STORIS’ Vendor Chargeback functionality allows retailers to track outbound transfers of returned merchandise as well as monies-owed to the retailer once the chargeback is processed.


Service Team Management & Routing:

Your service department is easily coordinated using STORIS Customer Service to monitor work schedules. Labor rates of personnel assigned to the Service Order will appropriately calculate the price to the customer. Also, if the Service Order will take place at the customer’s home, STORIS’ logistical scheduling functionality can be used to build optimal Service Routes. Labor hours per service technician can be used to manage route capacities. At the POS, Service Orders can be scheduled using only available dates to meet customer expectations. Service Routes can also be routed via STORIS’ certified integration to Dispatch Track.


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