Elevate Your Brand with Forms Designer

Brand Identity

In today’s retail market, developing a strong brand identity is an important competitive advantage. At STORIS, we understand that consistency between all aspects of your company can go a long way in engaging customers. In order to facilitate the seamless design of branded documentation, we offer a fully integrated Forms Designer.

Forms Designer is a useful tool within STORIS which gives you the ability to show detailed information on custom designed documents. The Forms Designer helps retailers design the following items:

  • Hang Tags, Quotes, Order Receipts
  • Invoices, Purchase Orders, Delivery Tickets
  • Scannable Barcodes, Accessory Labels, Merchandise Transfers
  • Installment Contracts, Revolving Statements, AP Checks

Seamless Integration

Because the Forms Designer is an integrated STORIS tool, documentation will automatically generate based on the system’s data. This improves the accuracy of information presented on the forms. Outsourcing design services can be costly, but design integration allows you to create a finalized document that is expedient, cost-effective, and sophisticated. Documents can be designed to print a wide range of data fields of your choice that populate from the database. This can include information about the specific customer, product, price, store and warehouse location. The latter becomes especially important to multi-store businesses.

The Design

STORIS comes with default form templates which you can use “out of the box” or you can use editable form templates to create customized forms. The tool is designed in a Windows style for familiarity and ease of use. This allows you to showcase your company’s style by including features such as your company’s logo, pictures of your locations, and pictures of your merchandise on your forms. You also have the ability to use a variety of fonts, text styles, and colors to give documents your signature branded look and feel. You can set up standard templates to use for multiple purposes, which can save a lot of time.

Dynamic Data

C# Scripting is a text editing language that allows you to have alternate text print on your forms dynamically based on information related to the document. You can also use C# Scripting to control whether or not to include certain text if a specific item is on the receipt. You can design your forms to have text print on a sales receipt such as unique discounts, manufacturer warranties, and fabric care that is dependent on the SKU.

A Finished Product

Documents can be directly emailed to both customers and vendors. In addition, all of STORIS’ forms can be laser printed. If you are using the Forms Designer to design barcodes, the end result will be readable by both POS and inventory scanning devices, which expedites processes and improves inventory.

Live Links

One of the main benefits of using Forms Designer is that when you email receipts and invoices to your customers, you can link images, data fields, and text fields to website URL links. This allows your customer to simply “click on a link”, and they will be navigated to your URL of choice. An example is on a receipt for delivery confirmation, you can include a live link to a delivery survey. In today’s market, social media is also very important for brand awareness and outreach, so many companies link icons to their social media pages on all branded forms.

Elevate Your Branded Documents with Forms Designer

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At STORIS, it is important to us that our clients get the most out of all the features within the software. We have technicians who are very knowledgeable about Forms Designer and C# Scripting who can provide assistance to you. We also offer Basic and Advanced level webinars about Forms Designer.

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