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Technology is of the utmost importance to Wichita Furniture as it enables them to be the best home furnishings retailer they can be. From the company’s inception, Wichita’s owner, Jay Storey, has instilled the value of investing in new technologies into their company culture. Therefore, the decision to participate as a STORIS NextGen Mobile POS early adopter was natural.

Mobile POS is the latest technology developed into the STORIS NextGen Platform. This modern, web-based POS solution enables sales associates to facilitate an enjoyable customer experience while decreasing the time to transact. The Storeys view Mobile POS as the next-level service offering for their customers. Jordan Storey notes: “We view technology as an investment in our people, company, & business.”

Combining STORIS’ expertise with the retail perspective is key when developing new technology and a true benefit of being an early adopter. For the technology’s introduction to their showroom floors, Wichita Furniture has fully engaged their sales team in using its functionality to organize new, dynamic selling processes and to significantly enhance their daily sales workflows.

Successful Technology Adoption

Implementing a modern and intuitive Mobile POS has helped Wichita Furniture increase adoption and simplify onboarding. In just a few weeks, their new hires are up and running on Mobile POS efficiently. Further, their seasoned sales team is saving a vast amount of time writing up Sales Orders which makes more time for serving more customers.

When your RSA’s are directly involved in the adoption process of new technology and you use their valuable feedback to enhance the solution, there is buy in. If their feedback is acted upon, they will adapt.”

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STORIS NextGen Mobile POS Advantages


STORIS NextGen Mobile POS is responsive and device-agnostic, enabling Wichita Furniture’s sales team to use this solution on any device, anytime they have access to the internet. This allows associates to accurately answer customers’ questions anywhere, providing opportunities to close more business.

Accessiblility Icon

Information Accessibility

Mobile POS technology empowers sales associates with all the tools needed to close sales, directly at their fingertips. With access to stock availability, accurate product details, eligible discounts, and shipping information, sales associates never have to leave their customers’ side to provide comprehensive service.

Lead Generation Capabilities

Witchita’s sales associates are able to capitalize on rich customer data accessible through the STORIS NextGen platform. This enables them to proactively reach out to former customers via targeted marketing campaigns as they look to re-engage the next sales opportunity and increase customer lifetime values.

Exceptional Customer Service

STORIS NextGen technology provides the tools needed to improve associates’ organizational skills when managing daily business activities. Wichita’s sales team is able to capture key details during customer interactions and utilize the Opportunity and Activity features to ensure proper customer follow-up.

Easy-to-Use Shopping Cart

Mobile POS’ intuitive shopping cart enables Wichita’s sales team to efficiently narrow down their customers’ final product selections. The shopping cart automatically applies eligible discounts and accurately calculates Available to Customer dates, speeding up the checkout process.

Customer Communication Iocn

Seamless Customer Communication

Integration between STORIS NextGen and Podium enables Wichita to use timing triggers for personalized engagement. Once their RSA assigns an Activity to a sales stage within Mobile POS, specific data from the related Sales Opportunity is automatically transmitted to Podium. Text message communication is seamlessly sent to their customers on pre-determined days allowing for an organized and effective follow-up process.

Collecting Best Practices

STORIS’ Product Managers collaborated with Wichita Furniture’s team to discover ways to advance the solutions’ functionality. Wichita was an advocate in enhancing the discounting logic within Mobile POS and their voice was heard. They spearheaded expanding discounting types and logic that ensures all valid promotions automatically apply to eligible products.

If you aren’t investing in new technologies, someone else will be. Technology can better EVERY SINGLE aspect of your business.”

75% of all orders originated in Mobile POS during the first month of launching. RSA’s are excited to have selling tools that help them sell more.

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About Our Partner

In 1989, Wichita Furniture started in a 10,000 sq. ft showroom serving the Wichita, KS area. They offered an alternative, hassle-free way for customers to sell their gently used furniture items through their consignment program, as well as introduced new furniture closeout pieces directly from manufacturers. Today, Wichita displays new furniture, mattresses, accessories, and TVs in their expanded 59,000 sq. ft showroom. Wichita Furniture is a stocking dealer with over 120,000 sq. ft of distribution facilities and over $4M of inventory. Additionally, they offer factory direct closeouts via their Furniture On Consignment brand.

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