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Jake Cross, General Manager

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings was ready to take their business to another level. They knew it was time to bring in a technology partner that would not only fuel their ambitious growth plans, but also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in their journey.

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“Seldens needed a technology partner that builds solutions reflecting the way home furnishings customers want to interact & shop with retailers. We found that in STORIS.”

Jake Cross, General Manager

When it came to choosing a partner, trust was the top priority. Jake Cross, General Manager for Seldens stressed the importance of this.

“Our choice of STORIS was influenced by their forward-looking, strategic vision. They’ve proven themselves to be pioneers, particularly when it comes to refining customer experience. Home furnishings retail is all about nurturing high-touch customer relationships. We needed a partner who could bring expertise to elevate our customers’ journeys. That’s where STORIS shines – they’ve got their ear to the ground, staying ahead of the curve, and shaping a strategy that targets market needs. We’re confident in their ability to lead the way.”

Jake Cross, General Manager

The depth of STORIS’ expertise in home furnishings was the compelling factor that sealed the deal for Seldens. Cross pointed out, “STORIS’ impressive longevity, enviable track record, and extensive network of partners tipped the scales in their favor. While there were other contenders with a couple of nice features, none of them could match the rich history and proven track record STORIS had in our field.”

Since joining forces with STORIS in Summer 2022, Seldens has seen impressive results:

  • Inventory management is sharper than ever and warehouse operations are streamlined.
  • Customer satisfaction has skyrocketed thanks to more reliable information.
  • Seamless connectivity of their in-store, eCommerce, and mobile platforms has taken their business to a whole new level of efficiency.

The Pursuit of Inventory Precision

With their previous software, Selden’s team had to manually update their inventory and struggled to find pieces that weren’t properly tracked. This caused fulfillment delays and broken promises. Cross commented, “With STORIS’ controls, we have checks and balances. We can’t cut corners or make errors, which has directly benefited our inventory control.” Seldens now has accuracy across their multi-location operation and serial-tracks pieces.

They can trust their inventory and the precise locations of each piece. A big factor is RF barcode scanning. Inventory updates in STORIS in real-time vs. waiting on nightly batch updates, which eliminated inconsistencies. With STORIS, Seldens has inventory precision and fast fulfillment which translates to satisfied customers.

Purchase Order Efficiency

STORIS purchase order management eliminated paper pushing. Seldens can now email POs to the vendor right from STORIS. This is valuable to their Special Order program and when replenishing inventory. Creating POs automatically has saved significant time and effort.

Warehouse Management

Receiving is now streamlined. Seldens can easily identify if they didn’t receive items that were on a PO. They know immediately when merchandise for an order is received so they can promptly schedule fulfillment. This leads to faster turnaround of customers’ orders.

Fulfillment Logistics

Multiple concurrent fulfillments is a big win. Selden’s customers often buy stock and custom pieces on the same Sales Order. With STORIS, in-stock items are delivered right away, improving the customer experience. Additionally, transfers allow their team to fly by and pick up items from their showrooms while en route to delivery for efficiency.

Customer Service

Seldens values the linking of service and repair orders to customer records in STORIS. Their technicians enjoy the ability to add detailed notes and attach photos for reference. Notifications automatically alert to the arrival of parts needed for a project.

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Embracing Technology for the Future

STORIS’ focus on the future and its strategic development roadmap energized and motivated Selden’s team. Cross said, “there is immense value in a partner that can execute on their technology plans. Home furnishings technology needs to be pushed forward and STORIS is the market leader doing just that.” We are just scratching the surface of our STORIS journey. Up next EDI, advanced integrations, and personalization via CXM.

“Our biggest win is STORIS’ impact on the Selden’s team culture. Our team is now embracing technology. STORIS drove that positive change. When you step outside your comfort zone, your team will grow.”

Jake Cross, General Manager

Seldens is excited about their future and having a partner that is invested in their success. Now it’s your turn.

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About Our Partner, Seldens

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings first opened its doors in 1940 and proudly serves the Puget Sound region of Washington as a premier home furnishings destination. Now, with a growing footprint, they boast three Seldens showrooms in Bellevue, Olympia, and Tacoma, three Summer House Patio showrooms in Bellevue, Southcenter, and Tacoma, as well as a Bassett showroom in Tacoma. Their strengthened team of over 120 dedicated professionals is committed to providing an exceptional experience for all their clients. They pride themselves on offering an unparalleled selection from over 150 quality brands and offering complimentary design consultations to help bring their clients’ visions to life. As a testament to their commitment to excellence, Seldens is a proud member of Furniture 1st.

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