In modern furniture retail businesses, cutting-edge software solutions command attention. Yet, beneath the surface lies a crucial, albeit understated, facet of these vendor relationships—the indispensable role of partnership to fully harness the power ERP solutions can reveal for your business.

As technology continues to weave itself intricately into retail operations, the significance of trust and transparency with solution partners cannot be overstated. Enter Client Relations Advocacy: the driving force behind strengthening strategic software partnerships, positioned to unlock value for retail’s executive leaders.

What Is Client Relations Advocacy?

Client Relations Advocacy is a strategic approach solution partners employ to nurture strong, long-term relationships with clients. It goes beyond traditional customer service or support functions by actively advocating for the client’s needs, goals, and success within the organization.

Who Are Client Relations Advocates?

Client Relations Advocates serve as dedicated customer relationship managers who work closely with clients to understand their needs and ensure they derive maximum value from the products or services STORIS provides. They serve as an extension of your business, advocating for your success throughout the longevity of our partnership.

As a leader choosing a solutions partner, here is how STORIS’ Client Relations Advocates will nurture your investment.

  • Trust and Rapport
    Client Relations Advocates establish trust-based relationships with clients through consistent communication, transparency, and personalized support. You’ll be introduced to your STORIS Client Relations Advocate at the beginning of our partnership. They are a constant, trusted resource throughout all stages of our relationship.
  • Proactive Approach
    Time is a precious commodity. Client Relations Advocates take a proactive approach through a regular cadence of status meetings. This client-centric approach enables us to anticipate client needs, provide guidance, and offer relevant solutions. Open channels of communication and responsiveness are hallmarks of STORIS Client Advocacy. If challenges arise, we champion your interests, escalating issues when necessary and facilitating prompt resolution.
  • Strategic Alignment
    Client Relations Advocates align with your company’s strategic objectives. As customer relationship managers, we listen attentively to stay attuned to your initiatives. We act as advisors to ensure you leverage STORIS to its full potential to support your company’s ambitions. We provide recommendations from on-demand training to leveraging un-tapped functionality or an advanced technology that meets a new requirement. Further, when supporting STORIS-led initiatives, your Client Relations Advocate will align internal resources, including timelines and project milestones.
  • Guiding Resources
    Client Relations Advocates are an essential line of communication for clients. They share the latest initiatives at STORIS, such as newly available service offerings or upgrades to your existing technologies that you are ready to take advantage of. We’ll proactively direct you to vital resources, such as changes to our Help Center or on-demand training that are critical to supporting your efforts.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
    Client Relations Advocates facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities among STORIS peers. We connect clients facing comparable challenges or embarking on similar strategic initiatives to support one another. We help our community collectively leverage best practices, industry insights, and innovative solutions to achieve goals and conquer market challenges.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Client Relations Advocacy involves a commitment to continuous improvement, with Client Relations Advocates seeking client feedback, identifying areas for enhancement, and working collaboratively to implement positive changes.
Client Relations Advocacy cultivates mutually beneficial relationships between our company and our valued clients, ultimately driving customer satisfaction.

Whether facilitating strategic initiatives or advising on technology-driven solutions, Client Relations Advocates are here to ensure our clients are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. As a retail leader choosing a technology solutions provider, it’s essential to choose a true partner that you can trust to handle this strategic aspect of your business.

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