Achieving Unified Commerce with Mobile POS & eCommerce

Top 100 Retailer Haynes understands the importance of always moving their use of technology forward. That is why they set out to evaluate strategic opportunities related to the evolving customer journey. One of Haynes’ goals is to be at the forefront of an exceptional customer experience, both in-store and online.

A strategic initiative for Haynes is to take Unified Commerce from concept to execution. Having a solid retail foundation through STORIS provided Haynes with the license to experiment with new tech initiatives. This meant looking at how they could unify their in-store technology and digital marketing efforts to engage with customers.


The Haynes team commented on the industry, saying, “Furniture retailers that are not investing in technology won’t survive. We are seeing this across retail. In a similar vein, brands that are too set in their technological ways are also doing themselves a disservice.” Haynes values how STORIS evolves with customer engagement preferences.

Most recently, Haynes was an early adopter of STORIS’ integrated eCommerce platform and rolled out STORIS’ mobile capabilities across their stores, commenting, “It’s imperative for us to take advantage of new technology opportunities and keep evolving our strategy to use software to its fullest. Haynes is eager for our continued adoption of Unified Commerce technology.”

“STORIS delivers a collaborative partnership. They encourage proactive conversation on the future of the industry and use actionable retailer feedback to drive their technology direction.”

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A primary focus of Haynes’ was to reduce friction at the Point of Sale. Their answer was mobilizing their sales floor. An investment in 500 tablets required significant sales team buy-in for success. Improvements realized by both RSAs and customers made this a mutually beneficial change.

A huge ROI win for mobile POS was reducing the average checkout time from 11 to 2 minutes.

The sales team, including those using a traditional selling approach, embraced the accessibility that STORIS’ mobile solutions provide. Supportive rich media content and product knowledge make the tablets truly multifunctional resources. This is critical for Haynes’ outlet model, The Dump, which has rapid product rotation. Further, Haynes uses the tablets to deliver sales reports to the team, allowing them to benchmark their progress and take ownership of their own success.

Haynes integrated the Finance Application Queue into their mobile POS process. This is another big time saver for the consumer. The ease of offering financing through the Queue leads to less buyer’s remorse and much happier customers leaving the stores satisfied with their purchases.

“The word ‘change’ can cause a frenzy. But if you do it right, work with the end users, get their buy-in, and keep them involved, they look forward to the process and an organization can continue to grow.”

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Haynes uses the eSTORIS platform for both of their brands and launched eCommerce for The Dump Outlets. The Dump uses web inventory integration to its advantage. Promoting scarcity of limited outlet quantities through real-time stock updates has proven to convert online sales.

66% of The Dump’s online purchases are from customers who have never been in a store.

This statistic proves that a strong eCommerce presence can promote brand awareness, and a great site experience can beat fierce competition.


Haynes challenges their team to create a shopping cart for 70% of customers who walk through the door. The goal is to capture the traffic that doesn’t purchase today and to use technology to continue engaging with them.  “With integration and the right data, we can meet the customer where they want us to be. There is value in the data that both customers and non-converters are giving to you.”

Looking forward, Haynes isn’t slowing down. Their next step is to use this data to retarget and further grow their conversion rates.

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About Haynes

Haynes Furniture is celebrating an incredible 120 years in business. Haynes has navigated through over a century of retail evolution by embracing change while honoring their history. In 1930, the Strelitz family purchased a small furniture store in Norfolk from L.D. Haynes. Since then, the team at Haynes has grown the brand to be a leader in the furniture industry. In fact, they revolutionized the way consumers shop through the concept of large-scale showrooms.

Haynes’ motto is to have the vision to create market leadership and the nerve to make it happen. With their corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, Haynes is proud to employ nearly 1200 team members and support charitable causes in their Virginia community, including Diabetes Research and Early Education.

Haynes continues as a pacesetter in the industry while staying true to their original commitment: more value, more variety, more for Virginia. STORIS has supported Haynes’ goals through technology as a valued partner since 1994.

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