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Broad River Retail’s STORIS NextGen Case Study

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Mobile POS Early Adopter

Broad River Retail strives to continuously utilize innovative technology, showing their customers they’re committed to providing the best possible shopping experiences. BRR saw STORIS NextGen Mobile POS’s early adopter program as an opportunity to develop a mobile-first salesforce and selling strategy. A true benefit of being an early adopter is collaborating with STORIS’ expert engineers and seeing their retail perspective developed into the STORIS NextGen platform. The STORIS team continually gathers firsthand feedback for the roadmap of STORIS NextGen.

“When customers see our Memory Makers using leading-edge technology, it conveys our commitment to a great experience.“

Harold Hampton , Vice President of IT and BI

Early on, BRR recognized the ease of use of STORIS NextGen platform. In furniture retail, technology needs to be at the forefront as home furnishings retailers compete with service experiences universally. BRR believes they need to keep pace with or exceed what its retail competitors are doing to succeed in the marketplace.

STORIS understands that innovation and collaboration are two of BRR’s core values, and they’ve developed a symbiotic relationship around this. Participating in STORIS’ early adopter program was an easy decision for Broad River Retail. BRR knows their voice matter, and that is felt through their organization.

Gold Line

Successful Technology Adoption

STORIS collaborated with BRR to develop training scripts and support implementation. Onboarding Mobile POS enabled their team to experience the power and speed of having modern technology at their fingertips. BRR identified their own internal technology evangelists who take early initiative to learn new technology and spread adoption across the organization. Further, to launch each region, BRR’s technology leaders went on-site to provide motivation and support training.

When your team sees you continuously investing in new technologies, there’s a high level of energy across your organization, which helps build a culture of adoption.

STORIS NextGen Mobile POS Advantages

Lead Generating Tools

Mobile POS provides retailers with tools needed for lead nurturing and guest relationship building. Since implementing Mobile POS, Broad River Retail has increased the tracking of their unsold customers by 67%. By utilizing lead-generating tools in Mobile POS, BRR found great success through holding private events. BRR also uses the Activities:Opportunities and Opportunities:Guests ratios to engage their Memory Makers in lead nurturing best practices.

All-Encompassing Platform

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The STORIS NextGen platform provides home furnishings consultants with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, so they never have to leave their guests throughout the in-store shopping journey. Mobile POS is all-encompassing & empowers BRR’s Memory Makers with all the details captured during a guest interaction in one place.

Avenue for Order Accuracy

Mobile POS provides quick access to your entire inventory. As part of BRR’s implementation, they took the initiative to refresh their product data, such as images, descriptions, & collections. The ability to view these images in Mobile POS helps BRR’s Memory Makers ensure the proper colors and options the customer desires are correctly indicated on the Sales Order. The visual experience provided via Mobile POS helps reduce mistakes & build consumer confidence.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Mobile POS facilitates an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience increasing customer satisfaction. From fast processing speed, an easy-to-use interface, and advanced functionality, Mobile POS provides BRR’s Memory Makers with a modern selling toolkit. Since implementing Mobile POS, BRR’s NPS surveys have greatly improved as well as their online reputation.

“Complacency limits growth. Constantly look for technologies that will improve your guest experience. The process takes time and effort, but when you improve your guest experience, that’s when you grow company revenue.”

Mobile POS Designed for Speed

For Broad River Retail, the greatest ROI of Mobile POS is the pure excitement and direct positive feedback they continuously receive from their Memory Makers.

As Mobile POS is designed for speed, this modern technology helps BRR decrease their customer checkout times dramatically through streamlined Sales Order creation. Furniture is the third-largest purchase a customer has behind their home & car. Going into a store, shopping, and deciding on their purchase is enjoyable. Once they make their decision, customers desire a fast checkout.

In Mobile POS, the cart is already being built while shopping, and BRR’s team immediately noticed how fast they can transition to the checkout stage. All from one single screen, their team can seamlessly manage their customers’ product selections and multiple fulfillments. The BRR team held races in the traditional STORIS POS vs. STORIS NextGen Mobile POS to see how fast the new checkout experience was, and it is 70% faster, on average.

What BRR values most is that STORIS excels at innovation, consistently raising the bar for technology experiences.

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About Our Partner

Founded in 2003, Broad River Retail (BRR) is one of the largest, independently-owned Ashley licensees. Today, they operate 31 HomeStores throughout the Carolinas and Georgia, as well as three state-of-the-art distribution centers, corporate offices, and contact center spaces. At BRR, culture is vitally important, and they refer to their team members as Memory Makers. With over 900+ Memory Makers, they are intentionally connecting the dots to create a better experience for every guest they serve.

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