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David Berggren, President & CEO | Randi Williams, Director of Merchandising & Retail Ops | William Vanderford, Director of Operations | Jamie Seaman, Merchandising Manager

“Furniture Connection evaluated many ERPs. It was the unique combination of STORIS’ core technology, integration capabilities, and data insights delivered in an easy-to-use, industry-specific solution that wowed us.”

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David Berggren, President & CEO | Randi Williams, Director of Merchandising & Retail Ops | William Vanderford, Director of Operations

The Furniture Connection team deeply understands retail and how to incorporate technology at key points of the shopping journey to enhance experiences. However, they were being held back by their previous software, which was managed by a small team and didn’t have plans for future development.

Therefore, in 2017, they evaluated new partnerships to find technology that empowered them to fulfill the big aspirations they had for their business. In this Case Study, the Furniture Connection team shares how they knew STORIS was the best choice.

“We were not just choosing software, we were choosing a partner for a critical area of our business. STORIS has a strong team of over 150 people, with a significant percentage of that team devoted to product development and engineering. Technology isn’t a stagnant investment. STORIS is future-focused with an evolving plan for continued innovation.”

David Berggren, President & CEO

STORIS provides Furniture Connection with the ideal blend of core Unified Commerce Solutions, such as its ERP, STORIS NextGen solution, and warehouse management system, as well as the extensibility to work with valuable partners. This included financing, credit card processing, and EDI vendors as well as their key partner, Ashley Furniture Industries.

“STORIS is a partner we can continually grow with. When you invest in technology, it’s imperative to continue diving into new areas you can drive value from.”

Randi Williams, Director of Merchandising & Retail Operations

Furniture Connection also sought an interactive partner. The Client Services and Support teams at STORIS are instrumental to the relationship. Home furnishings industry expertise was also crucial.

“STORIS has a deep history with our industry, unlike some providers that are testing the waters. This translates to tangible value. When we engage with the STORIS team, we get knowledgeable insights to leverage STORIS and enhance our operations.”

William Vanderford, Director of Operations


We had the pleasure of speaking with multiple members of the leadership team. Here’s what they want you to know.

In-Store Guest Experience

“We were especially excited
to mobilize our team with
STORIS NextGen. Empowering our associates with tablets translates to an exceptional guest experience. Our sales associates value the accuracy of checking stock, ease of building carts for guests, and the convenience of managing their follow-up activities. All of these functions can happen without leaving the guest’s side. There is a professionalism we now convey. STORIS has taken us from handwriting orders to using sleek mobile technology and branded documents, all of which elevate how we present to our customers.

Randi Williams
Director of Merchandising & Retail Operations

Warehouse Operations

“Inventory accuracy and warehouse efficiency improved tremendously
with STORIS. RF Barcode has an undeniable ROI. We have real-time, data-driven insights to build better inventory processes. With live scanning, every workflow is faster and more precise, from receiving a truck to cycle counting our entire warehouse. Not in Location (NIL) and exception reporting enable us to solve problems. We know where every piece of inventory is, at the SKU level, thanks to detailed audit tracking. There is no more guesswork, just peace of mind. When we manage our warehouse with superior accuracy, the benefactors are our customers.

William Vanderford
Director of Operations

Data Integration & Reporting

“We are a “why” driven organization. STORIS empowers us to understand our business on a deeper level so we can optimize our processes and develop accountability to our KPIs. The in-depth business intelligence provided by STORIS is a game-changer. We’ve also eliminated manual processes through data integration, such as EDI, which has streamlined purchasing with our vendors. Finally, we use Available to Promise data to set accurate delivery expectations for our customers. Whether out-of-the-box dashboards, drill-down tools, or custom reports, Furniture
Connection is empowered with data.

Jamie Seaman
Merchandising Manager


As Furniture Connection continues to grow its business, STORIS makes it easy to scale and take on new strategic priorities. Berggren closed with an important takeaway for fellow industry leaders.

“Technology is an investment. As a business leader, you need to look for opportunities for technology to solve challenges or enhance your customer experience. Technology should always be measured on an ROI basis. STORIS is hands down a worthy investment as it drives value across our company. We are happy to be in this partnership.”

David Berggren, President & CEO

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About Our Partner, Furniture Connection

Furniture Connection delivers fine quality furniture with a lowest price guarantee to the Clarksville, Tennessee market and surrounding areas. Founded in 1999, they’ve been in business for over 20 years and are proud to be veteran-owned. Today, Furniture Connection operates a beautiful 46,000 sq. ft. showroom, premium Outlet Center, Ashley Home Stores, and eCommerce website. The team focuses on three key principles: a strong inventory stocking position to offer same-day/ next-day delivery options, working with top-quality manufacturers while providing value, and delivering exceptional customer service that is second to none. Furniture Connection has partnered with STORIS for over 5 years and is a proud member of the Home Furnishings Association and Furniture 1st.

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