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Top 5 Areas of ROI from STORIS NextGen

Discover the Top 5 Areas of ROI your peers have found through STORIS NextGen. Areas of ROI span revenue increases, operational efficiencies, greater customer acquisition, and stronger brand reputations. Read more.

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5 Critical Features to Proactively Tackle Current Industry Issues

5 Critical Features to Proactively Tackle Current Home Furnishings Industry Issues

As home furnishings retailers face unprecedented challenges, this article is here to provide several technology-driven tactics to devise proactive strategies. Read more.

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Seamless Shopping Journeys Attract Today’s Home Furnishings Consumers

Seamless Shopping Journey to Attract Today's Customer

Discover my experience shopping for a new sofa during the pandemic through the initial challenges I faced online to finding a retailer with an exceptional website and efficient in-store experience.

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Our Industry’s Everyday Heroes

Safety of Home

As we all are spending more time than ever before in our own homes, we wanted to take this time to reflect on some of our industry heroes. Read more here.

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The Value of Repeat Customers

Repeat Sign

Understanding the advantages of earning repeat customers is the foundation for helping to grow your company. Here we dive into 7 strategies to kick start customer retention. Read more.

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How a Retailer Earned Customer Loyalty

Home a Furniture Retailer Earned My Customer Loyalty

House hunting can be stressful, but buying furniture shouldn’t be. Walk through the real-life journey of converting a 1st-time shopper into a repeat customer.

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Do You Go The Extra Mile For Your Customers?


The last thing I wanted to do at 9 am on a Saturday morning was get my car’s oil changed. Yet, the morning I was about to have turned out to be one of the best customer experiences I have had in a long time.

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A Retail Employee’s Dilemma

Lack of Inventory Management

The lack of an inventory management system led a sofa to be sold to two separate customers causing a negative in-store experience to erupt. Learn how to avoid this in our new blog.

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Tips from an Experienced Warehouse Trainer

Avoid Warehouse Woes with These 6 Tips

Much of a delivery fulfillments’ success lies in the state of a retailer’s warehouse. Discover tips here.

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Security of Data: A Top Retail Initiative

The Importance of Secure Software

Today’s customer journey occurs across multiple channels requiring retailers to provide a seamless personalized experience.  In our blog, we discuss the importance of guaranteeing the security of data while maintaining consumer trust.

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Importance of Seamless Experiences

Seamless Retail Software Solutions

Today’s customer journey occurs across multiple channels requiring retailers to provide a seamless personalized experience.  In our blog, we discuss the importance of creating a unified experience for customers.

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The Power of Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology's Importance

Mobile devices present retailers with the opportunity to enhance their customer experience. Providing real-time data without physical limitations is critical to delivering quality service to tech-savvy shoppers. In our blog, we discuss the benefits of customer-facing mobile technology.

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Personalization is a Key to Customer Loyalty

The Importance of Personalization

Personalization is a critical component to optimizing a customer’s shopping experience across a Unified Commerce strategy. In our blog, we discuss personalization takeaways and initiatives for retailers.

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The Rise of In-Store Technology

The Rise of In-Store Technology

In this blog, we highlight 5 key areas of in-store technology. Retailer’s must rethink the role of their stores and motivate consumers to visit through intriguing experiences. A key part of the solution to this challenge is technology.

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Digital Shopping Carts

A Shopping Cart on a Mobile Phone

This blog will dive into how to create a digital shopping cart checkout process that converts sales via eCommerce and also one that facilitates a multi-channel customer shopping journey in your stores.

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How Technology Could Have Prevented My Negative Shopping Experience

How Technology Could Have Saved My Negative Shopping Experience

Learn how a lack of technology for tight inventory control can make or break a consumer’s shopping experience and shape consumer perception of a brand.

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A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

This holiday shopping season, I experienced two starkly different holiday shopping experiences. In this blog post, I highlight how technology can make or break a retail customer experience through two real-life examples that occurred over the holidays.

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The Staying Power of STORIS

STORIS' 25 Year Logo

The year 2014 marked STORIS’ 25 year anniversary. With a state-of-the-art office in Mt. Arlington, NJ and over 120 employees, the only place STORIS is going is up.

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Past, Present & Future of POS in the Home Furnishings Industry

STORIS Client Mathis Brothers Furniture Logo

STORIS has been able to continuously provide Mathis Brothers with the services they needed in order to grow in the competitive home furnishings industry.

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Jake Jabs from AFW Congratulates STORIS

Jake Jabs, Owner of American Furniture Warehouse

Owner of Top 100 Retailer, American Furniture Warehouse, Jake Jabs congratulates STORIS on 25 years of helping furniture retailers grow!

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