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The 2021 Trend Guide:
Resurgence of Home

The retail landscape has drastically changed. So how does your business reshape the customer journey and earn the attention of reinvigorated, digitally-savvy customers? In the all-new 2021 Trend Guide, we provide actionable tactics and insightful takeaways from analyzing the holistic retail environment and state of the home furnishings industry. The annual Trend Guide in the must-read resource to start the year strong.

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Your Brand’s Online Reputation Impacts Customer Perception

A Reputation Management strategy provides retailers the ability to shape their online identities. In our new infographic, we discuss why a Reputation Management Program is valuable to your business and how POS integration is key to building a consistent and plentiful collection of reviews.

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Behind the Front Lines of Your Retail Business is Technology.

Creating safe shopping environments through digital, self-service, and reduced-contact technologies is vital for successful showroom practices. Learn 8 ways technologies will support a contactless shopping experience and a safe retail environment.

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Technology to Help Customers Create Their Own Unique Style

Software solutions empower retailers to build Special Order programs that match their merchandise assortment. Learn 5 benefits Enhanced Special Order technology will bring to your business.

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Bringing the Future into Focus.
What is Your 2020 Vision Plan?

As retail heads into a new decade, we review the State of the Industry and a 2020 Vision Plan. Discover the most in-depth guide yet, packed with 20 furniture industry-specific trends to help craft your 2020 retail strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Logistics & Delivery Fulfillment

Shoppers have become accustomed to ordering an item and receiving it in the blink of an eye. Providing your customers with up-to-date delivery fulfillment information on availability, timing and cost can be the deciding factor of where they purchase.  In the Ultimate Guide to Logistics and Delivery Fulfillment, learn how home furnishings retailers are focusing on new technologies.

The Guide to Furniture Financing

Offering financing options expands the consumer market for retailers and helps more customers furnish their homes in the way they desire. Home furnishings retailers can help make the shopping journey less stressful and more satisfying using technologies for financing. In our guide, discover 4 financing technologies for a seamless credit offering.

The 12 Step Guide to Designing a Furniture Website

With more furniture retailers having a presence on the web, it’s crucial to set your website apart. eCommerce has a significant role in creating a seamless customer experience.  This guide highlights 12 steps that will help retailers develop a successful eCommerce website for home furnishings.

CXM Sales Dashboard

In this infographic, discover 15 Customer Experience Management Sales Dashboard Views to take your sales team to the next level. Learn about tools to optimize the effectiveness and productivity of your sales team from anywhere on your showroom floor and beyond as they build long-term customer relationships.

STORIS Top 100 Furniture Retailers

Top 100 retailers evolve by adopting new business practices and technologies that meet the ever-changing trends in consumer shopping behavior. Seamlessly integrating their digital and in-store experiences is a strategy retailers are investing in. Discover how Top 100s thrive in a dynamic marketplace.

Trend Guide Icon for 2019

Customers want physical and technical experiences to co-exist in a way that adds value to their shopping journeys and convenience to their everyday lives.  In our 2019 Furniture Industry Trend Guide, we review the State of the Industry, the Evolution of Retail, and 9 strategic technology initiatives.

2018 Furniture Retail Trend Guide

Further adoption of innovative technologies, savvier websites, shifts in consumer behavior, and renewed in-store experiences.  In our 2018 Industry Trend Guide, we highlight these key influencers of the marketplace and shed light on actionable strategy for retailers.

Unified Commerce Guide

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Unified Commerce in the Home Furnishings Industry. Retail has experienced a fundamental shift. Retailers can capitalize on this important retail strategy with 30+ tactics highlighted in our guide to Unified Commerce.

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The ultimate goal of your website is to convert a virtual visitor into a loyal customer of your brand. In our new infographic, we dive into specific web features to help your site succeed serving your customers along the various stages of a multi-channel customer journey.

Next Generation Infographic

Instead of thinking about generations in isolation, organizations must understand patterns of consumer behavior and how they influence one another. Retailers need to compete digitally to remain relevant.

Optimizing Experiences CXM Guide

Successful CXM is a game-changer for retail operations and sales associates alike. CXM is designed to establish brand loyalty and increase the lifetime value of a customer. Discover how to help your team build relationships with their multi-channel shoppers.

Business Intelligence Guide

BI improves decision-making, increases operational efficiency, and delivers a competitive advantage.  In our new guide, discover the benefits of BI including data accessibility, visualizations, mobility, and security.

Kiosk Guide

The Kiosk is here to elevate the in-store customer experience by merging the attributes of online shopping that customers love into the world of brick and mortar retailing.

Value of a Discount

The ability to offer discounts to your customers can be an integral part of a retail pricing strategy.  Offering a potential customer the opportunity to save money is a proven way to capture their attention.

Top 10 Buying Tools for Revenue Report

Your merchandising strategy directly influences your revenue potential. Back by popular demand, our “10 Best” highlights key buying tools for revenue growth.

Ultimate Inventory Guide

STORIS helps retailers achieve 99% inventory accuracy and improve KPIs. In our Ultimate Inventory Guide, we provide insightful takeaways for control.

The Physical Inventory Guide

This inventory guide provides tips for a smooth Physical Inventory including preparations, step by step instructions, and insights for year round success.

White Papers

Implementations Infographic

When you partner with STORIS, you get more than just software. In our guide to Implementation Success guide, we highlight 10 steps for a smooth implementation.

Bring Success to Your Business Infographic

Do you ever wonder about the impact on your business when inadequate software is utilized for years?  Find out what revenue you could be leaving on the table.

STORIS Top 10 BI Reports

In “The 10 Best Buyer’s Reports” we highlight the reports every merchandiser needs to succeed and how they can shed new light on your business.


Discover the positive impacts a leading retail furniture solution can have on your bottom line in “Gain the Greatest ROI from Your ERP Software.”

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In this holistic look at Virtual Productivity, we provide activities for various areas of business operations that can be conducted in any market condition.


Technology is integral to the shopping experience. Learn why having regularly enhanced technology can help you best engage with your customers.

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Data Warehouse is one of the most powerful data mining tools in Business Intelligence. Learn more about how Data Warehouse can help you uncover BI.

Delivery Truck

Did you know there are many features built into great software that can help you optimize your delivery service? Here, we outline the features that drive success.


Advanced Warehouse Management provides your warehouse staff with powerful tools for logistics and distribution. Learn about the positive impacts.

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Retailers have the ability to streamline communications with strategic partners including vendors and manufacturers. Find out more about the benefits of EDI.

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Having a branded presence across your documents gives your company a polished, professional look. Learn how to easily design customized forms.

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JIT inventory management allows you to maximize your on-hand inventory and capitalize on sales using key timing factors as the basis for strategic decision making.


In our guide to user friendly software, we help you recognize key software features that make software intuitive and improve productivity.


Discover why using an integrated accounting & POS system can help your business achieve many benefits including improving accuracy and saving time.

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Many retailers face the fear of falling victim to a credit card breach. Here we highlight 5 eye-opening reasons why you should implement EMV in your retail store.

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