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Top 8 Strategies to Make Your Retail Business More Profitable

Discover the top strategy in each area of business to preserve your profit margins. In fact, 28% of companies achieve positive returns within the first year of investing in integrated furniture retail software.

Here’s How You Can Make More Money With Your Software

Top strategies for furniture retailers to make their business more profitable

2023 Industry Trend Guide

Customers have evolved. Meeting your customers everywhere they engage with brands requires crafting a nimble, seamlessly connected technology ecosystem. Success requires digital transformation. The 2023 Trend Guide dives into Market Factors Impacting Retail, the State of the Home Furnishings Industry, and 10 Key Technology Trends to guide digital transformation. We also provide strategies for success throughout the guide and firsthand data from your home furnishings peers.

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Web-Based Special Order Configuration

With STORIS’ Special Order solution, configuring custom products has never been easier and can be completed from any mobile-responsive device. In our guide, we dive into how Special Orders are streamlined via technology.

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Jump Start Digital Transformation

  • Strategic Planning Guide for Furniture Retail Technology - Checklist Edition
    Strategic Planning Guide for Furniture Retail Technology
    Discover the comprehensive Strategic Planning Guide for furniture retail technology leaders & CIOs. Technology advances are accelerating and influencing customer behaviors in new ways. This guide highlights operational areas as you build your ideal technology ecosystem.
  • 10 Steps for Software Implementation Success Guide Icon
    10 Steps for Software Implementation Success
    When you partner with STORIS, you get more than just software. We help retailers approach technology implementations with a well-designed strategy and realistic plan to set you up for success. In our guide to Implementation Success, we highlight 10 steps for an achievable implementation.
  • Mobilize with the 4-Step Launch Guide for STORIS NextGen
    Mobilizing your sales team is imperative. Fortunately, there is a way to fast-track your future and easily modernize your showroom technology and retail experience. Discover how in our STORIS NextGen 4-Step Launch Guide.

Guides and Infographics

  • The Gide to Secure, Integrated Credit Card Processing for Furniture Retailers
    The Guide to Secure Integrated Credit Card Processing in Furniture Retail
    In the Guide, we answer home furnishings retailers’ FAQs on how gateways, payment processors, merchant acquirers, and point of sale partners work together for seamless and secure credit card processing. 
  • Streamline Your Distribution Centers with Cross-Docking
    Streamline Your Distribution Centers with Cross-Docking
    Cross-Docking enables retailers to reduce warehousing costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. In the Cross-Docking Guide, discover which variations of the process work best for your operations and how to utilize Cross-Docking to streamline your logistical operations.
  • STORIS Reputation Management Infographic Icon
    Reputation Management’s Value to Brands
    A Reputation Management strategy provides retailers with the ability to shape their online identities. Here, we discuss why a Reputation Management program is valuable to your business.
  • Hire Technology: A Team Player - Guide Icon
    Hire Retail Technology for Your Furniture Team
    Technology helps valuable members of your team perform their jobs efficiently as well as supports fast onboarding. Elevate your incomparable home furnishings retail team by employing strategic technology to support their success.
  • The Guide to Furniture Financing
    The Future of Furniture Financing
    Offering financing expands the market for retailers and helps more customers furnish their homes in the way they desire. Retailers can make the shopping journey more satisfying using technologies for financing. Discover 4 financing technologies for seamless credit offerings.
  • Bedding Logistics Educational Guide
    Logistics and Delivery Fulfillment
    Providing your customers with up-to-date delivery fulfillment information on availability, timing and cost can be the deciding factor of where they purchase. In the Ultimate Guide to Logistics and Delivery Fulfillment, learn how home furnishings retailers are focusing on new technologies.
  • STORIS Customer Experience Management Infographic
    CXM Sales Dashboard
    Discover 15 CXM dashboard views to take your sales team to the next level. Learn about tools to optimize the effectiveness and productivity of your sales team from anywhere in your showroom and beyond as they build long-term relationships.
  • The Ultimate Inventory Guide Icon
    The Ultimate Inventory Guide
    There are many opportunities to gain better control over your inventory to achieve success. Here, we reveal a step-by-step guide to our retailers’ best tips for inventory excellence.
  • STORIS Physical Inventory Guide
    Achieve Inventory Accuracy
    This inventory guide provides tips for a smooth Physical Inventory including preparations, step-by-step instructions, and insights for year round success.
  • Business Intelligence Guide
    Fuel Your Business Intelligence
    BI improves decision-making, increases efficiency & delivers a competitive advantage. In our guide, discover the benefits of BI including data accessibility, visualizations, mobility, & security.
  • Value of a Discount Guide
    Maximize the Potential of Sales
    The ability to offer discounts to your customers can be an integral part of a retail pricing strategy. Offering a potential customer the opportunity to save money is a proven way to capture their attention.
  • STORIS Guide on the Holistic Approach to Your eCommerce Website
    Technology for the Customers’ Complete Path to Purchase
    The goal of a website is to convert a virtual visitor into a loyal customer. Here, we dive into features to help your site serve your customers along the various stages of a multi-channel journey.

One Pagers

  • Couch Icon
    15 Must-Have Buying Tools for Merchandisers
    Your merchandising strategy directly influences revenue potential. In this guide, we highlight reports to dive into product performance.
  • Shopping Bag
    Convenient Shopping Experiences
    Many customers appreciate digital and self-service shopping options that started during the pandemic due to the convenience they deliver.
  • Clock Icon
    Just In Time Inventory Management System
    JIT inventory management allows you to maximize your on-hand inventory and capitalize on sales using key timing factors as the basis for strategic decision making.
  • Hand Truck with Boxes
    Advanced Warehouse Management System
    Advanced Warehouse Management provides your warehouse staff with powerful tools for logistics and distribution. Learn about the positive impacts.
  • Browser Link
    EDI: Electronic Data Interchange Software
    Retailers have the ability to streamline communications with strategic partners including vendors and manufacturers. Find out more about the benefits of EDI.
  • Receipt Icon
    Design Forms with Integrated Designer
    Having a branded presence across your documents gives your company a polished, professional look. Learn how to easily design customized forms.
  • Computer Icon
    Intuitive Software That’s Easy to Use
    In our guide to user friendly software, we help you recognize key software features that make software intuitive and improve productivity.
  • Cloud Icon
    Data Mining Now in the Cloud
    Data Warehouse is one of the most powerful data mining tools in Business Intelligence. Learn more about how Data Warehouse can help you uncover BI.

Past Industry Trend Guides

  • The 2022 Home Furnishings Industry Trend Guide
    2022 Industry Trend Guide
    As market conditions continue to change, it is time for home furnishings retailers to master all channels: eCommerce, mobile, social, and today’s in-store. The 2022 Trend Guide provides strategies to help retailers adjust as swiftly as the world changes.
  • STORIS' 2021 Home Furnishings Industry Trend Guide
    2021 Industry Trend Guide
    How does your business shape the customer journey and earn the attention of digitally savvy customers? In the 2021 Trend Guide, we provide actionable tactics from analyzing the holistic retail environment and state of the home furnishings industry.
  • Icon for STORIS' 2020 Home Furnishings Industry Trend Guide
    2020 Industry Trend Guide
    As retail heads into a new decade, we review the State of the Industry and a 2020 Vision Plan. Discover the most in-depth guide yet, packed with 20 furniture industry-specific trends to help craft your 2020 retail strategy.

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