STORIS NextGen Rolls Out Valuable New CXM Features

June 1st, 2020 by the STORIS Marketing Team

Mt. Arlington, NJ – STORIS NexGen Customer Experience Management follows an Agile Development Cycle, meaning new features are continuously added to the solution as they become available. Major feature releases were recently rolled out to STORIS NextGen CXM including Shopping Cart Emailing, Manager Dashboards, and integration to STORIS enterprise Data Warehouse solutions.
CXM on Mobile Devices

CXM’s new features help retailers grow customer retention. Making every customer count is critical. STORIS notes that STORIS NextGen CXM has been an important technology to retailers for the shifting retail environment due to COVID-19. The company has been working hard to implement and train more retail partners interested in using CXM to support virtual selling.

To begin, STORIS NextGen CXM now has the capability for a sales associate to email a customer their Shopping Cart directly from inside the application. Within the CXM Shopping Cart, the sales associate is prompted to generate an email, which can include a personalized message as well as contact details. This functionality allows for a seamless cross-channel experience and encourages Browse In-Store, Buy Online conversions. During this particular time in retail, sales associates can remotely interact with customers using digital Shopping Cart collaboration.

Email a Digital Shopping Cart

Retailers can now configure CXM with Custom Stages and Project Types for customer Opportunities and sales associate Activities. An example could be “Finalize Selections” for a “Living Room Remodel.” Custom Stages and Project Types can be color-coded for quick visibility. This customization enables a retailer to fully incorporate their unique selling process into CXM. Expected Close Date & Due Date Filters are other helpful features to manage Opportunities by prioritized date ranges.

A key feature of STORIS NextGen CXM is its Sales Dashboard for associates to manage their daily workflows. Now, the CXM Dashboard is available in a Management View. This view allows managers to quickly see their store-level performance such as expected incoming sales values for the store’s Opportunities within the day, week, or month and how many open Opportunities and Activities each associate has.

STORIS’ ability to calculate Available to Promise (ATP) and Available to Customer (ATC) dates are a key part of its inventory solution. In CXM, an Available to Promise date will now be presented to the sales associate when viewing a product. The sales associate can choose which locations to use for the ATP calculation. Further, Available to Customer dates were introduced at the Shopping Cart level. ATC leverages the customer or relationship’s location information stored in the cart to calculate the ATC date for when all of the items in the Shopping Cart can be delivered collectively.

Another new inventory feature, District Pricing enables retailers with multiple businesses using the same STORIS NextGen CXM account to automatically use product pricing associated with the store location they are signed in to.

Finally, STORIS NextGen CXM has been integrated to STORIS’ Data Warehouse which also flows through to STORIS’ Business Intelligence suite. The addition of CXM data points to Data Warehouse provides exciting opportunities for business strategy. CXM captures Relationship contact and history information before a shopper becomes a Customer, as well as Opportunities and Activities related to that Relationship. A retailer’s marketing team can now design targeted campaigns for prospects that left a store without making a purchase. A sample targeted marketing list could be all Relationships in CXM who have not purchased but have an Opportunity indicating they are looking for living room furniture and an Activity assigned for someone to call them back.

STORIS’ CXM Product Manager, Mark Braun commented,

“Customer Experience Management helps retailers make every customer count and supports higher conversion rates, which are necessary with current reduced store traffic. Our customer success team is ready to help set up, train, and implement custom CXM strategies to keep companies agile during this unique time in retail.”

You can learn more about STORIS NextGen CXM by Requesting a Demo here or calling 1.888.4.STORIS today.

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