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Greatest ROI

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Business Intelligence

Do you have the analytical tools to quickly recognize critical business trends?

For executives of retail enterprises, having intelligent tools that provide insight into key performance indicators across operational departments, store locations, and personnel is imperative. A leading software solution can synthesize millions of data points into dynamic reports and data visualizations while maintaining speed and efficiency of your transactional processes.

Business Intelligence Statistic
  • Executive Information Drill Down Analytics
    • Arm your managers with the information they need to make actionable decisions by linking to the source of information with just one click.
  • Drag & Drop Custom Report Builder
    • Design unique reports without writing codes & queries and devote saved time to analyzing end results and developing action items.
  • Dynamic, Searchable Report Viewer 
    • Don’t wait until EOM reporting – search, sort, & filter in real time to find the data you need efficiently all within one flexible report screen.
  • Real-Time Dashboards, Charts, & Graphs 
    • Create visuals of your daily KPIs with live updates on the real-time status of store performance

On average, companies with analytical intelligence make strategic decisions 5x faster.

Software Insight
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Unified Commerce Integration

Are your platforms integrated in real-time to provide customers information when and
where they want it?

In today’s interactive society, customers are not satisfied with only one touchpoint into their favorite brands. They demand information anytime, anywhere. Building a seamless online and mobile brand presence, that is an extension of your physical store, creates positive, consistent customer experiences. An intelligent software system integrates inventory and other valuable information across channels providing accurate and timely information.

  • Integration StatIntegrated eCommerce
    • Deliver a seamless experience across your store, web, and mobile channels including integrated shopping carts to build customer satisfaction.
  • Dynamic Mobile Platforms 
    • Access information on the sales floor using mobile technology away from a stationary POS to conveniently deliver information related to products and customer service.

Before buying in store, 80% of consumers research online.

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Inventory Control

Does your operations team have the necessary tools to increase turns, reduce cost, & grow profit margin?

A strategic understanding of your inventory comes from integrating sales data, purchasing history, and supply chain information. A leading software solution uses real-time inventory management tools to reduce on-hand inventory and cost of goods through lead time and demand forecasting. An important goal of ERP inventory planning is increased sales on more productive inventory.

POS Statistic
  • Demand & Lead Time Forecasting
    • Understand how your customers’ shopping trends correlate with your supply chain timeline to plan an optimized buying cycle.
  • Available to Promise Calculating
  • Detailed Piece Tracking

A leading POS can help you improve on the industry standard of 7 turns annually, with a record-breaking 20 turns.

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Increased Average Ticket

Does your sales staff have tools at the point of sale to increase average ticket?

Success for any retailer is a high conversion of traffic to sales, but what about getting the most value out of each customer’s purchase? Arming your sales staff with proactive tools to increase your average ticket will help drive sales growth. More importantly, having the tools to provide suggestions your customers will value helps build customer retention!

Average Ticket Statistic
  • Intelligent Inventory Hierarchies
    • Build strategic product relationships to generate related inventory purchase suggestions that customers will respond to and appreciate.
  • Suggested Selling Prompts
    • Alert your sales staff with related items and extended service prompts to drive an increase in the average ticket at the point of sale.
  • Flexible Group Logic 
    • Create merchandise groupings to enable pricing and discounting strategies that promote up-selling.

An intuitive POS can increase average ticket by 10% using up-selling tools.

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Are you able to manage inventory demand while balancing the cost of on-hand inventory?

Managing on-hand inventory is important for big-ticket retailers where cash flow and physical space are sacred resources. Using Just In Time Replenishment can help you calculate lead times across the supply chain and order inventory based on customer demand. This enables your business to have the merchandise needed at the optimal time, without over-carrying excess inventory.

Replenishment Statistic
  • Backorder Replenishment
    • Streamline fulfillment by utilizing reports to alert your attention to time-sensitive backorder needs.
  • Just In Time Inventory Management
    • Have the inventory customers demand to increase turns by balancing your supply chain fulfillment with real-time sales orders.
  • Automated Purchase Orders
    • Decrease redundant tasks by generating instant POs allowing buyers to focus their time on making optimal buying decisions.

Using Just in Time Inventory Management is shown to reduce average on-hand inventory by 18%.

The Arberdeen Group
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Vendor Performance

Are you able to analyze partnerships to determine vendor success and accurately value the cost of goods?

Developing strong relationships with vendors is key to the growth of any retail business. Having a dynamic suite of buying tools to better understand inventory performance by a vendor, enables you to make strategic decisions on how to invest resources. Understanding KPIs related to inventory performance can empower you at the negotiating table and secure an ideal cost of goods.

Purchasing Statistic
  • Product Performance Reporting 
    • Search by a vendor and drill down by item, category, or location to paint a full picture of a product’s success.
  • Smart Purchase Recommendations
    • Analyze comparative historical data and recent demand trends to generate precise buying recommendations.
  • Quick & Easy Buyer’s Tool
    • Efficiently flip through SKUs by a vendor to capture a snapshot of an item’s performance to develop strategic costing and pricing.

Purchase recommendation tools can save buyers 6 hours of research per week.

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Staff Productivity

Does your system help you maintain control over your staff performance?

At the enterprise level, there is an increase in the level of responsibility for maintaining control over store locations and employees. In-depth setting options, privacy controls, and tracking features will confidently enable you to monitor business information and processes. Employee performance tracking equips you to foster positive activity and correct any issues, leading to improved productivity of your organization.

Staff Productivity Stat
  • Performance Reporting 
    • Evaluate employee performance across departments on a daily basis to better manage employee productivity.
  • Advanced Audit Tracking 
    • Store a footprint of all activity processes, documents & files including date, time and user stamp to have unlimited transparency.
  • User Security 
    • Permit specific user settings and securities by the individual and end-user process to control appropriate access to system information.

26% of companies that implemented an ERP noted productivity improvements as the main benefit.

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Scalability & Growth

If your software designed to grow with your business to meet future needs?
Growth Statistic

A typical motivator for investing in technology is to grow your business. Functional tools that save time and highlight strategic, analytical insights help foster growth. A strong software solution not only helps you grow but also grows with you. Scalability is vital as it allows you to open new stores and expand staff without business interruption or a change in technological investments.

  • Database Efficiency 
    • Utilize a resource-efficient database to grow without the need for additional technological infrastructure.
  • High Remote User Count 
    • Increase your volume of users while maintaining fast transactional processing speeds.
  • New Store Creation 
    • Open the new store and warehouse locations effortlessly; Run all locations with a single database supporting limitless growth.

1 of 3 executives searching for an ERP system do so to help manage growth expectations.

The Aberdeen Group
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Is your software intuitive and user-friendly, so your staff can leverage the full benefits?

Having a robust IT platform and a diverse range of tools to help run your business is only impactful if your staff can effectively use the software. A truly beneficial software platform provides streamlined graphics and intuitive user interfaces that help support all end-users in executing their jobs effectively.

Employment Statistic
  • Quick Launch Tray 
    • Customize an icon-driven menu by an individual to have the processes each person needs on a daily basis immediately accessible.
  • Bubble Help 
    • Discover the information you need automatically with a quick hover over a field for a pop-up usage definition.
  • Process Flow Documentation
    • Utilize a streamline internal help menu with step-by-step documentation to make learning new processes easy.

22% more employees felt using an ERP provided visibility into company processes than those not using an ERP.

The Aberdeen Group
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Does your system save both time and effort by increasing productivity and reducing redundant processes?
Cost vs. Time Statistic

A mark of a successful software investment includes improving your company’s operational efficiency in significant ways. Developing a better understanding of your business and having transparency of information helps increase productivity. In addition, by reducing administrative tasks and tedious manual entry, you and your staff have more time to grow your business.

  • Internal & External Integration
    • Reduce effort and improve accuracy by connecting the related processes of your internal operations and third-party partners.
  • Import Spreadsheets
    • Save hours of valued time and streamline updates of new information into your software solution with simple import templates.
  • Consolidation of Related Functions
    • Customize menus for individual business processes to access related inquiries and find the information needed without switching screens.

Across a variety of functional processes, an ERP saves a business, on average, 18% of the original time and cost.

Minut Jutras
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