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Furniture ERP System: Pricing


STORIS’ furniture Enterprise Resource Planning solution is designed to help customers grow by providing a scalable technology platform with software features that enhance store performance.


Retailers processing on STORIS use our industry proven, core application for Point of Sale and Inventory Tracking. From there our business development experts tailor a specific package to your business needs including a variety of companion module options.


The STORIS Value Proposition


Enterprise Level Furniture ERP System

At the enterprise level, each retail business operates with a specific set of requirements. Our experienced business development experts work with your unique business needs to create a custom mix of STORIS base application and companion modules that will best serve your organization. Have one of our experts help you today!



As you grow, STORIS’ diverse offering of advanced settings and companion modules facilitate the increasing technology needs of a large-scale operation. This includes functionality to manage multiple store locations, distribution centers, and overall supply chain logistics. These capabilities enable STORIS to successfully run businesses supporting thousands of users.


Professional Services

When you partner with STORIS you gain the support of our Professional Services Team. Our experts work to understand your business needs, convert your data and implement STORIS utilizing industry best practices. At STORIS, we have successfully implemented hundreds of retailers, finding and correcting inefficiencies and putting more profitable processes in place.


Dedicated Research and Development

STORIS is always evolving. We dedicate an unmatched number of hours to R&D to ensure that you are investing in a product that is always up-to-date with market trends and the latest in innovative technology. With an average of two new releases each year, you can have confidence that our software will not only provide a competitive advantage today but also well into the future.


Return on Investment

Leading retailers view great technology as an investment in growing profitability rather than as an expense. In fact, there are many ways STORIS helps our Clients achieve substantial ROIs, including some pleasant surprises for our retail Clients.


One of our favorite examples is a Client that generated an additional $2M in revenue by implementing discount controls not available in their old system. Read our ROI Whitepaper for great information on the ROI standard you should establish for your business and technology partner.


Learn more about STORIS System Specifications.

When you choose , you get more than a revolutionary retail software solution. You get the know-how of our team of experts, superior service, and opportunities for growth. Use the form below to learn what can do for you.

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