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Timing is everything for businesses experiencing pain points throughout their day-to-day activities. For many retailers, something always seems to get in the way of tackling important issues. [bctt tweet=”Making changes to your business can have a positive impact on performance today and correct issues that add up as time goes on.” username=”STORIS”] In our seasonal story, we take you on the journey of a typical retailer doing $10M in revenue. Learn why they shouldn’t wait.

Fall Customer Experience

Fall is here. Let’s face it, the last place customers want to be is inside stuck in a checkout line or waiting for a salesperson to help them out. They should be watching a football game. If Yesterday’s Furniture Store isn’t available to deliver great service, the customer is going to a competitor. Without an efficient sales order process, Yesterday’s Furniture Store risks losing customers each day. Luckily a good POS can shave off 15 minutes from a typical transaction. If they complete 20 orders a day, that time adds up fast!

Don’t lose customers because of a slow checkout process. Each day, take back 5 hours & service for customers.
Fall Scene

Winter Average Ticket

The holidays are here! The best time of year for retail sales. Yesterday’s Furniture Store has hired many new employees to help with the rush and is constantly balancing time management against customer service. Many missed opportunities fall through the cracks. Without upselling prompts, the new hires often forget good opportunities for add-ons. If Yesterday’s Furniture Store had better software tools, they could have increased their average ticket by 10%.

This holiday season didn’t help a not so merry year. Yesterday’s Furniture Store missed out on 1 million in upsells!
Winter Scene

Spring Business Intelligence

Spring is approaching and many people are excited to redesign their spaces as they tackle spring cleaning in preparation for the summer. Yesterday’s Furniture Store’s merchandisers want to be ready, but their lack of visibility into product performance and dynamic business intelligence tools makes the process of merchandise planning especially tedious. Every week each of their 5 buyers is spending 6 hours more than necessary to make buying decisions.

Every year Yesterday’s Furniture Store goes without advanced merchandising tools, they waste 1,560 hours on unproductive performance.
Summer Scene

Summer Inventory Control

It’s summertime. With slower traffic, it is the ideal time for Yesterday’s Furniture Store to complete a full physical inventory. This is especially important, because Yesterday’s Furniture Store’s antiquated system is not real-time, has poor tracking and doesn’t show multiple stores and warehouse locations across one database. Every year this leads to a high shrink percentage of 7%.

If Yesterday’s Furniture Store goes another year without upgrading their system, they risk losing over $350,000+ in inventory.
Spring Scene

It is clear that Yesterday’s Furniture Store has a lot of opportunity for success if they make an investment in their technology infrastructure. While this is an anecdote, the stories above all represent just some of the true ROI opportunities hundreds of STORIS clients have found for their businesses.

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