Web-Based, Special Order Mobile POS Launches

April 7th, 2023 by the STORIS Marketing Team

Configure, price, and generate sales and purchase orders for special order products in the web-based STORIS NextGen Mobile Point of Sale.

This highly anticipated capability is now available, enabling special order retailers to practice a mobile selling strategy. From anywhere in your showrooms, associates working with guests can customize frames, showcase eligible options, and accurately price pieces.

Retailers no longer have to wait until they are at a terminal to build a special order product. In the past, waiting until the end of the selling process could lead to misaligned expectations, if customizations or pricing weren’t accurately communicated. Today, configuring a product while shopping expedites the checkout for satisfied customers.

“Guests who purchase special ordered products tend to spend more time in store working with an associate. Now in STORIS NextGen, associates can remain with the guest throughout the entire experience, reducing friction and involving the guest in the design experience from the comfort of the showroom.”

STORIS NextGen Product Manager, Mark Braun.

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STORIS NextGen Special Order enables retailers to configure special order products from within its digital shopping cart, which can be seamlessly submitted as a sales order. Retailers have flexibility in how they set up their special order program behind the scenes. Special order templates denote how to customize specific frames. Templates can range from an all-encompassing default version to individual templates at the vendor, category, group, or product levels. When a special order product is added to the shopping cart, the appropriate template will automatically pop up.

Templates dictate what customizable variables a sales associate needs to define. They will be guided to select options for variables such as fabric, finish, and trim. Variables can use drop-down menus or open text fields depending on a retailer’s preferences. A convenient indicator alerts an associate if they properly configured the product or if adjustments are required, ensuring the right data is collected for the vendor.

STORIS NextGen will accurately price special order products. A SKU’s frame defaults to its base price and chosen configurations increase the price accordingly. Pricing can be associated with specific drop-down options for automated pricing. A purchase order can be automatically generated when a special order item is checked out from STORIS NextGen.

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