Jake Jabs, Owner, American Furniture Warehouse

Company Profile

American Furniture Warehouse Logo

  • Stores: 14
  • Headquarters: Englewood, Colorado
  • Partner Since: 1991

“Partnership is the key word. AFW and STORIS have grown together over the years. We’ve brought great ideas to each other and have made them happen. The STORIS team has always been responsive to our needs and open to help deploy new technologies to enhance the customer experience. Combined with our culture of value and honesty, AFW has been built on systems of efficiency and consistency. This means from the warehouse, sales floor, customer service, and all points in between.” – Jake Jabs

The Advantages of an eCommerce Platform

“AFW’s online business has increased by 30% each month since launching our new eSTORIS website. Our customers love the new features and the integration with our STORIS point of sale makes order fulfillment seamless. Unified Commerce accomplished. It’s nice to have real-time inventory and order information on our website, seamless to our store operations. -Jackie Brookshire

The Benefits

“The real benefit of this robust business suite is actually being able to do more with less. Salespeople can enter orders much faster. Every department has more information available on fewer screens. It has also drastically reduced our training time for new employees. And it looks great, too.

A Stable Platform

System stability has never been an issue in 30 years with STORIS. Our uptime has been incredible! We are over 99% uptime at all locations and we are a 362 days a year operation. Nothing beats a stable system. It maintains peace of mind while empowering people to find even more efficient ways to do their work. We genuinely like the people at STORIS and trust them.”

A Great Team

“STORIS understands how we do business. We have a lot of long-term employees as does STORIS. Working together over the years they understand our unique challenges and the challenges of our industry. We can be candid with our needs and they respond.”

Read their full case study here.

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