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STORIS Software System Tools

Integrated System Applications

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STORIS’ System Tools are easy-to-use applications that will enhance your company in various area. These tools increase accuracy, efficiency and security within your system.

System Security

System Security offers sophisticated, wide-ranging levels of operational security and detailed permission settings that are integrated throughout the entire STORIS product suite. Control settings can be configured by business procedure, user role, responsibilities and other overlapped secured areas. STORIS automatically tracks user activity with a detailed time & date stamped Audit Log for an additional layer of security.

Mobile Technology

STORIS can interface with tablets and bar code scanners for mobile POS integration and inventory management. Tethered and wireless connectivity are offered and include WiFi, Radio Frequency, Bluetooth scanning devices and data collection terminals. Certified scanning devices read manufacturer UPC codes, specific codes defined by your organization, and cross-referencing bar codes established by the system.

Forms Designer

Add your professional branding to all laser printed documents, receipts, tags and labels. Logos and pictures enhance brand awareness and authenticate merchandise representation on the showroom floor. Include bar codes for easy POS and inventory scanning to increase service performance and improve inventory management. Retailers can easily email documents, such as sales receipts to customers and purchase orders to vendors.

File Importing

Easily transfer your pre-existing data to STORIS with file import selections ranging from inventory quantities and sales transactions to accounting balances. Utilize our excel file templates to easily organize data for conversion. Continually import business activity such as general ledger postings, new products and vendors, and product price changes in order to easily maintain database accuracy. These capabilities allow an easy and efficient transition to STORIS, as well as the ability to import new data on a regular basis.

Dynamic User Settings

With this tool, an individual user or a group of users can customize specific menu options and navigation paths. You can set up quick launch icons to easily access routine tasks and tailor specific job responsibilities for each user.

Automated Software Updates

Automated software update services allow for instant notification and delivery of new features. Once our product testing is completed, STORIS server clients have unlimited access to our software enhancements and online documentation. In the Cloud environment, Automated Updates are scheduled and ran weekly by STORIS. In addition, if operating on any revision R8+, major release upgrades are performed at no charge to our clients (during standard business hours).

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