Intuitive Software That’s Easy to Use

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A great software company knows that delivering fancy features and advanced capabilities means nothing if the productive application is not easy to use. Software should make the lives of its users more efficient. The following are features to be on the lookout for in order to ensure you are investing in a user-friendly software experience.

1.) Intuitive Program Search

This allows a user to quickly search for a certain activity, view or report across the entire software platform. Easily accessible from the main menu and with an advanced, phonetic search that can pick up keywords anywhere in the resulting term, your users will always find what they are looking for.

2.) Quick Launch Icons

These enable a user to set up a visually-driven toolbar to readily access programs used on a daily basis. These are controlled separately for each user, allowing different organization roles to tailor the software in a personalized way. Drag and drop capabilities make screen set up easy to configure.

3.) Individual User Settings

Tailor a software application based on the user type and permissions granted to that role. By allowing a user to only see programs that are within their frame of responsibility and that are applicable to their task performance, training is easier and completion of their job is simplified.

4.) Business Rules and Alerts

These allow you to design your software instance to successfully finish tasks. Organizing processes in a logical order and triggering automated alerts helps to guide your user through their workflows, the end goal of your software will be successfully met.

5.) Screen Design

The screen design of your software platform should make sense. Intelligently designed software places activities and points of data entry in a configuration that guides the user through processes. Setting up field requirements ensure data is filled out accurately and thoroughly before a task is closed.

6.) Dynamic Escapes

Dynamic Escapes provide seamless movement between various features. This enables you to reference information within another view, while still working in your current process. By stacking multiple windows you can transition easily between information to finish the task at hand.

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