Introducing STORIS NextGen Mobile POS

October 5th, 2021 by the STORIS Marketing Team

STORIS is proud to deliver its state-of-the-art, web-based Mobile POS.

This is the second intuitive sales-focused and industry-specific solution released on the STORIS NextGen platform. Mobile POS is available together with Customer Experience Management (CXM).

Retailers in all industries are investing in mobile solutions to meet customer expectations, unify selling channels, make product information more readily accessible and expedite checkout times. As such, STORIS NextGen CXM & Mobile POS holistically supports the shopping and buying phases of the guests’ experience. Sales associates can organically transition from Relationship Management in CXM to Order Creation in Mobile POS. STORIS NextGen Mobile POS empowers sales associates to create a Sales Order and checkout a customer from any device on the showroom floor.

STORIS' NextGen CXM & Mobile POS Platform

Broad River Retail was the first early adopter team to go live on STORIS NextGen CXM & Mobile POS. Charlie Malouf, President & CEO of Broad River Retail, comments on the experience,

“Broad River Retail was enthusiastic about our milestone launch that took place on June 16th. STORIS NextGen is the future of in-store customer experiences in home furnishings retail. We have a history of being an early adopter for STORIS, including STORIS’ earlier mobile solutions and its Finance Queue, and we’re proud to have been a first mover for this important product launch. It is paramount to the essence of who we are at Broad River Retail that we align our brand alongside innovative, retail technology-driven experiences at every touchpoint in the process. It’s why STORIS remains such a vitally important partner of ours.”

CXM and Mobile POS both employ an all-new Shopping Cart that was re-imagined using modern application UX design and UI components formalized by Google’s Material Design principles. The User Interface is easy-to-use and familiar to effectively onboard a retailer’s sales force. With seamless inventory integration, the associate can add the guest’s product selections to their Shopping Cart. Extensive inventory data available in Mobile POS includes detailed product descriptions, imagery, pricing, product alternatives, availability, and on-hand quantities.

To reflect the way today’s customer buys, the Shopping Cart is organized by Fulfillment Method. The associate can separate line items by delivery, customer pickup, various addresses, or fulfillment dates. The Shopping Cart refers to the retailer’s STORIS inventory database. Each line item has its own Available to Promise (ATP) date while each unique Fulfillment Method displays a consolidated Available to Customer (ATC) date reflecting when all lines pertaining to that Fulfillment are available. As product availability continues to be a competitive advantage in the current market, the accessibility and ease of calculating this data in Mobile POS are imperative.

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Discounting has also been re-imagined for efficiency. A “Discounting Action” in the Shopping Cart references a retailer’s promotional eligibility rules. This action returns all valid promotions on the Cart and which line items they apply to. STORIS ensures all requirements and eligible combinations are properly applied to protect the margin of the Order.

As the customer provides buying signals, the transition to the buying phase is seamless. Within the Shopping Cart, the associate can narrow down final product selections. If any time has elapsed between the shopping and buying phases, STORIS automatically re-validates product availability, pricing, and discount eligibility upon finalizing the Shopping Cart. The associate can seamlessly convert the Shopping Cart to a Sales Order with the use of Mobile POS. Since the associate has already collected the majority of the data needed, the time to check out the Sales Order greatly decreases.

Mobile POS breaks down the pricing components of an Order including merchandise subtotals, sales tax, delivery fees, installation charges, promotional savings, and the grand total. Now, the associate can choose the actual Fulfillment Dates for each Fulfillment Method. STORIS’ Logistical Scheduling Calendar presents feasible dates to choose from based on the retailer’s routing and capacity settings. Mobile POS’ Sales Orders will be automatically submitted to the STORIS ERP as part of a seamless Unified Commerce experience. The Order Confirmation marks a successful transition.

STORIS’ NextGen Product Manager, Mark Braun states,

“Our STORIS NextGen initiative transforms the traditional retail showroom into a modern experience. We designed and developed our STORIS NextGen Platform to deliver the solution our retail partners need to succeed in a 2021 retail environment and beyond. STORIS NextGen’s Product Vision is ‘to provide a solution that seamlessly supports retail wherever it happens and facilitates an organic, efficient and enjoyable customer experience; decreasing the time to transact and increasing customer engagement.

STORIS would like to thank both of its Early Adopters for the success of Mobile POS: Broad River Retail and Wichita Furniture.

Their extensive field testing and design direction have helped shape the future of STORIS NextGen solutions. Mobile POS is just getting started. An exciting product roadmap dictates the future of this solution with new functionality being delivered in an agile environment.

STORIS is committed to providing our home furnishings retail partners with a technological competitive advantage and continues to invest in the expansion of our STORIS NextGen Platform. To learn more about STORIS NextGen Mobile POS, Request a Demo or call (888) 478-6747 today.

Discover STORIS NextGen Mobile POS Today

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STORIS NextGen Mobile POS empowers Sales Associates with a modern selling toolkit.

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