Automatically Trigger Email & Text Notifications Based on Data in STORIS

December 6th, 2021 by the STORIS Marketing Team

STORIS is pleased to introduce the ability to automatically trigger “Notifications Based on Data Capture Events” that occur in STORIS’ ERP.

This feature expands upon detailed internal communication tools found in STORIS’ Messenger system with the introduction of new external communication tools. Events in STORIS that can now trigger notifications include when a Sales Order is entered or deleted and when a fulfillment on an order is fully reserved, scheduled, or completed.

STORIS Introduces Text and Email Notifications

Retailers can set up templates for each event that will be sent to the specified recipients via email or text message. The notifications can be sent to the associated customer and sales associate, or a specified email address of the retailer’s choice.

Email notifications will send via STORIS’ Notification Server in its cloud-hosted environment or on a retailer’s dedicated Notification Server for clients hosting their own server environment. New Enhanced Laser Printed Forms can be designed with customizable branding and verbiage, as well as field merges, to add specific details from the event.

Text Messages will be sent via the retailer’s chosen SMS Text Messaging provider. These partners handle elements of SMS Text Messaging including sending messages, replies, & alerts and orchestrating phone numbers, and compliance with applicable laws. The verbiage for Text Messages can be customized for the recipient in STORIS. Retailers can send a packaged amount of email & text messages for a low monthly fee.

Product Management Board Leader, Fiona Huddleston-Richardson commented,

“This enhancement was derived from the top voted idea in STORIS’ collaborative Product Suggestion Portal. We are thrilled that it is now available to our retailers. Its popularity indicates this enhancement’s potential to positively impact customer experiences through stronger, instant communication. Our focus on fulfillment notifications for its launch is timely given supply chain issues. This is just the beginning of the capabilities we can deliver within this feature.”

Gold Line

To inquire about “Notifications Based on Data Capture Events” and the ability to integrate to your third-party Text Messaging service provider, call (888) 478-6747. This enhancement is compatible with STORIS’ new Release 10.6.

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