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Integrated, Scalable ERP Software for Big-Ticket Retailers

If you’re in the furniture, bedding, appliance or electronics retail business, you know how critical it is to deploy the right Enterprise Retail Planning software platform.

Deploying an industry-agnostic software suite is likely to go over your allotted timeline and budget because you have to make costly customizations and workarounds to meet industry-specific needs. Homegrown, antiquated and slow-to-improve systems cannot evolve with your business as technology requirements and customer expectations continue to rapidly change.

Fortunately, there’s STORIS – an ERP software system specifically built for the furniture, bedding, appliance, and electronics industries.

Meeting Retailers’ Specialized Needs

Enterprise Resource Planning Retail SoftwareWe understand the requirements of large, mid-sized and small retailers in these highly specialized markets, and we’ve spent more than 25 years creating solutions tailored to their needs. STORIS is the standard when it comes to big-ticket retail software solutions.

Best of all, because STORIS engagements begin with our thorough discovery and implementation process, you’ll get more than a software suite. You’ll pinpoint inefficiencies, identify opportunities and learn how you can get the most out of your new technology and your existing team.

Learn about all of STORIS’ features:

On-Premise Server Retail Software

STORIS’ furniture Enterprise Resource Planning solution is ideal for large and mid-sized retailers with robust internal IT capabilities, resources, and enterprise-class hardware. Our on-premise server platform provides retailers with a comprehensive retail software solution and the tools they need to translate massive amounts of data into consistent, meaningful and actionable information. This solution is ideal for the scalability necessary to manage a high volume, big-ticket retail operation.

Cloud-Based Retail Software

Our cloud-based ERP suite combines the benefits of a cash flow friendly subscription model with the security and simplicity of a fully hosted solution. Through the STORIS Cloud, your data is hosted in a world-class, Tier 1 data center without needing to purchase expensive hardware. Leave the IT infrastructure in STORIS’ hands and enjoy all the software features you need to focus on your retail operations.

Learn more about STORIS System Specifications.

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When you choose STORIS, you get more than a revolutionary retail software solution. You get the know-how of our team of retail experts, superior service and opportunities for growth. Use the form below to learn what STORIS can do for you.

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