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Why the Cloud?

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A STORIS Perspective

According to Forbes, the Cloud is the future of software due to the advantages and opportunities it presents for businesses. Below we outline important attributes of the Cloud that make it a smart, strategic choice for hosting your furniture retail software.

Cloud Technology


Contrary to popular belief, the Cloud is actually a more secure option than a server. STORIS hosts our Cloud in Tier 1 Data Centers, which are under 24-hour security that would be nearly impossible for a retailer to replicate.


Cloud data centers perform multiple back-ups to various locations across the country. This ensures your data will be safe from natural disasters or other emergency scenarios.


The Cloud platform offers unlimited scalability. The infrastructure is capable of growing along with your business. The platform can support unlimited users, store locations, inventory items, and processed orders.


Cloud databases are more reliable than ever. At STORIS, we are proud of our 99% system uptime, which means your business can trust the platform’s stability as it relates to completing your daily processes.


At STORIS, we release a new version of our software every 6 months. In the cloud, we handle upgrades as part of your subscription. There is limited, if any, business interruption. This feature allows you to take advantage of the latest in technology.


The Cloud is the most cost-effective model for hosting your software. Our subscription model allows businesses to access STORIS without paying for the total cost upfront or purchasing expensive hardware.


STORIS offers entry-level cloud package options for all retailers to be able to take advantages of STORIS’ industry proven Point of Sale and Inventory Control technology. With this model, you only pay for advanced features when your business has a need for them.


Running your own server takes a dedicated IT staff. The Cloud frees resources previously devoted to server management and provides those services at no additional cost. This allows you to allocate resources that are focused on your company’s growth.


The software industry as a whole, as well as furniture technology, is becoming more and more Cloud-centric. STORIS has over a decade of Cloud experience. Since 2004, thousands of our users have found success in the Cloud.

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