The Staying Power of STORIS

How Our Company Has Held Stamina for Over 25 Years
Think about how the world worked in 1989. Gen Y-ers were either in infancy or not even born yet and Gen X-ers were just getting their feet wet. A gallon of gas was 97 cents, the average monthly rent was $420 and a new car was around $15,000. George H.W. Bush was just taking office, Alaska saw the Exxon Valdez oil spill and Nintendo introduced the first Gameboy. Microsoft Office was also released that year, offering innovative packages including Word and Excel.

While people were flocking to the theaters to see When Harry Met Sally and Driving Miss Daisy, STORIS was starting out in a Parsippany, NJ office. While Madonna and Prince were topping the charts, CEO Don Surdoval and late co-founder Ira Bakst were getting started in the software business, a decision that was criticized by nearly everyone around them.

The year 2014 marked STORIS’ 25 year anniversary. Along the way, STORIS has experienced many improvements, changes, and memorable moments. We made the move from Parsippany to Mt. Arlington and even opened a Research & Development office in Deerfield Beach, Florida. In 2015, with a state-of-the-art headquarters in Mt. Arlington, NJ, and over 120 employees, the only place STORIS is going is up. With yet another product launch, of 9.5, anticipated for this spring (featuring STORIS’ mobile solution), and over 350 active clients, it’s no secret that the software solution company is here to stay.

Today, the world may be an extremely different place than it was in 1989. The cost of living is significantly higher, with the average gallon of gas costing around $2 and the monthly rent averaging about $1,021. You can purchase a new car for about $21,000 and keep up with the latest in entertainment with an XBox at $349. Today, two members of the Bush family have been in and out of office, and there are just about as many cellphone subscriptions as there are people on the planet. Microsoft recently launched its Surface Pro 3, a device that combines laptop and tablet capabilities. Despite all the changes in technology, politics, and pop culture, one thing has remained the same, the success and stamina of STORIS.

We want to thank our valued clients for your business and comradery. We are also eager to form more long-lasting bonds in the future. With over two decades of business under our belt, STORIS is looking forward to the next 25 years.

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