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The Life of a Traveling Project Manager

As a department, Consulting Services is one that travels most often for our company. Getting the chance to travel often is a fun and interesting part of the job as well as a great opportunity to strengthen partnerships with our clients. Plus, we get to experience new places, which is something I am grateful that I get the chance to do. It can be exhausting when traveling multiple weeks in a row during especially busy periods of time, but in general, every trip is its own little adventure.

Prior to starting at STORIS, I had almost exclusively traveled by car and had a pretty healthy fear of flying in any kind of airplane, big or small. I knew that accepting a position as a software trainer at STORIS would require me to overcome that fear and that was one of the reasons why I ultimately did. More than 5 years and almost triple-digit flights later, I don’t even think twice about flying and actually really enjoy it most of the time. This goes to show that if you are brave enough to face your fears, you end up seeing the positives in what you were once afraid of.

One of my favorite reasons to get on a plane and visit a client is to conduct Operational Reviews. It is always unique and challenging, but equally rewarding. Meticulously analyzing every step of every process that the client is using to come up with new streamlined solutions is never an easy task. But, as I’m working with users in each department and listening to what they have to say about processes they’d like to improve on, we’re also getting to know each other as people, which I love.


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Once that personal connection is made, aside from wanting to help that client become more successful as a business, it makes me really want to help each individual I’ve worked with to become more successful in their specific role as well.

In the end, after all of the brainstorming and problem solving is complete and the report and flow charts are delivered to the client, it’s always a great feeling on both a professional and personal level to hear the client say, “Thank you so much for finding a way to make my job so much easier and more efficient!”

At this point in my career at STORIS, the traveling experience has become something I’ve really grown to enjoy, and conducting operational reviews with our clients is a key reason for that.

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