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The Importance of Client Advocacy

Advocate-A person who speaks or writes in support of another person;

A champion, a proponent a backer

STORIS’ unique Client Advocacy Department has the main objective of supporting and encouraging our Clients.  Their purpose is to make Clients successful and happy with STORIS while working across various departments to address concerns and answer questions.  This new approach to account management embodies an obligation for customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty, which in turn creates lasting partnerships between STORIS and our Clients. To meet the growing needs of clients, we realized that this type of change in the method of account management was necessary, which is why we started the department in 2013.

While there are many different ways a person can go about account management, the end goal remains the same, to consistently hold the customer as a top priority.  “We have discovered that the key is to regularly contact every customer to ensure they are being heard and to eliminate the idea that every phone call is the result of a support case or a request for funds,” said Client Advocate, Harry Hill.  Building a rapport with Clients and picking up the phone just to say “hi” goes a long way with Clients and makes them feel like they are more than just a number.  After a relationship is developed, we have found the Client is more inclined to open up and create a dialogue about any issues they may be experiencing.

Regularly scheduled calls also help Clients attain goals.  Oftentimes, customers have specific projects in place or processes they want to implement.

STORIS Client Advocate Lisa Melchers said, “By maintaining regular contact with Clients, we are able to aid Clients in realizing their goals.”

Sometimes the call can come at just the right time, by reaching a Client before they become frustrated.  Clients often hesitate to voice their concerns or frustrations because they are afraid their voices won’t be heard.  The Client Advocate Department at STORIS is working hard to mitigate this hesitation by building meaningful relationships with our customers.

By building strong relationships, customers are becoming comfortable in expressing their concerns through consistent, regular contact with our Client Advocates. This ensures that issues and concerns are recognized and resolved in a timely manner, therefore increasing the level of service that STORIS strives to provide.


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