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STORIS Spotlight: Laura Brown

Laura Brown has been a part of our team for over 16 years.

Laura joined STORIS in September of 1999.  She started out in the support department and has now been in the programming group for the past 13 years. She works primarily on Accounts Receivable and Revolving Receivable enhancements.

Laura grew up in New Jersey, but has since lived in many places, including the coast of Maine, Memphis Tennessee, and currently near beautiful Lake George in New York.  She spent her childhood summers in Vermont on her grandparents’ dairy farm where she herded cows, climbed silos, and played with the calves.



Today, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband and four year old son.  They enjoy hiking and have lived near great hiking spots like Acadia National Park and Adirondack Park. Laura and her husband once took a hike on Sanibel Island in Florida and encountered an alligator on the trail! Laura loves to read, especially anything by Jane Austen or George Eliot, however, since her son was born, she seems to spend more time reading Dr. Seuss.

Official Title:  Application Development Analyst

What do you do in your position on a daily basis? :  My primary focus is on helping clients with enhancements.  I talk to the client about their requirements and then write a specification describing the enhancement.  I also develop enhancements and work with Quality Assurance when the enhancement is tested.  I make sure that after the enhancement has been delivered to the client they have all their questions answered.  I occasionally do Quality Assurance and assist with support issues.

What do you like most about working at STORIS? : People at STORIS are funny, kind and smart. Asking questions is encouraged and people are willing to help each other.  The people that work at STORIS are very interesting, too.  They have interesting hobbies and life experiences which makes for great conversations.

If you were not in this field, what would you be? : I love spending time with children, so I might be a teacher.  You never know what a child is going to say next – they are often very amusing and insightful.

Do you have any hobbies/hidden talents? :  When my four year old started swimming lessons, I decided to take them, too.  I am now in the intermediate class, learning to swim laps and not swallow all the water in the pool while I learn rotary breathing.

Favorite movie? : Pride and Prejudice – the one with Colin Firth, of course!

Favorite holiday? :  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  We always get together with family and I enjoy having all the kids running around.  It is crazy and noisy, but so much fun.

Favorite month of the year? :  In August, my extended family has a reunion on Lake Champlain.  Some years there have been forty or more people there, coming in from around the country and even some from overseas.  We have three days of swimming, barbecuing and catching up.  I look forward to August all year.

Favorite food?: Memphis Barbecue, fried scallops from Maine or a really good New York bagel.

What do you usually do when you aren’t working? :  I spend most of my time away from work with my son and husband.  I didn’t know this until I had a child, but I am very good at putting together train tracks, fixing race cars and replacing toy batteries.  I love to hike and visit the beach.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to and why? : Visiting Italy was amazing.  On my last trip there, I went for my cousin’s wedding.  It was very special to be on Lake Como with my aunts, uncles, grandmother and cousins.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be & why? : It would be nice to be able to fly.  I would get everywhere faster and not have to deal with traffic.

Fun fact that many people may not know about you? : I have two dogs, named Bob and Daisy.  Over the years, I have adopted five dogs and four cats.  Most of them came from animal shelters, but one of the dogs adopted me while I was out for a walk.  He followed me all the way home and three years later, he is still here.

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