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An Interview with Rit Mathis from Mathis Brothers

Rit Mathis videoThe history of Mathis Brothers has been filled with family values and traditions, hard work, and motivation.

Since 1955, family-owned and operated Mathis Brothers has continued to provide a one-stop destination, which offers the largest selection of quality furniture at the lowest prices every day. Due to compelling advertisements, creative slogans, and clever marketing philosophies, the Mathis Brothers name became established and business has continued to grow. Today, Mathis Brothers has nine stores located throughout Oklahoma, California, and Ontario and has developed a mattress brand called Lady Americana, which has become one of the most popular brands worldwide.

When Mathis Brothers switched from using typewriters, pencils, and paper to computers they searched for a system that would benefit their business. They partnered with an upstart company called STORIS, who had a measurable impact on their business making them more efficient and more profitable. STORIS has been able to continuously provide Mathis Brothers with the services they needed in order to grow in the competitive home furnishings industry. Rit Mathis, company spokesperson of Mathis Brothers states, “STORIS has worked hard with us and others in our business to make the software more responsive, more comprehensive and at the same time more user friendly.”

Mathis Brothers has valued a true partnership with STORIS for a quarter-century and they are looking forward to many more successful years with STORIS as their dedicated partner.

Watch the video to hear from Rit Mathis himself.

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