STORIS 10.2 Delivers New Features for Retailers to Tackle Transfers

November 20th, 2019 by the STORIS Marketing Team

Customers have been primed to demand delivery efficiency. STORIS’ Release 10.2 is packed with functionality that helps retailers meet customers’ need for speed through streamlined operational processes.

Internal Transfers across a retailer’s supply chain make efficient use of inventory and enable retailers to fulfill orders faster.

STORIS 10.2 introduces a new process called “Schedule and Build a Transfer Manifest.” This process enables retailers to prioritize Transfers needed to fulfill Sales Orders within an expected delivery date range. With this process, as an example, a retailer can search for, “all Transfers needed to meet delivery dates between November 20-23.” The search will provide a list of all applicable Transfers and the retailer can select which Transfers to add to a manifest. Further, to help retailers pack trucks for Transfer routes, retailers can designate a group of merchandise going to a single Transfer location as a Load. Loads can be used to establish a packing order for added efficiency.

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Another key area of enhancement is STORIS’ new Multi-Legged Transfer Processing that offers new capabilities and system control settings.

A Multi-Leg Transfer is when inventory moves via stop locations from its originating Stock Location to its ultimate Fulfillment Location. STORIS offers two methods to fulfill stock via a Transfer. The first is designating a single “Alternate Stock Location” for a store. For more advanced logistics, retailers can now build a “Stock Location Schema”, which will prioritize Stock Location lookups down a hierarchy in an effort to meet the stock requirement.

Within Multi-Leg Transfers, a retailer can build a “Distribution Location Schema” to set via locations that can exist along a Transfer route from a Stock to Fulfillment location. Retailers can also populate a “Scheduled Period Days” table to designate how many transit days it typically takes for inventory to move from one location within their supply chain to another. These “Scheduled Period Days” will enable calculations to more accurately forecast when an item ordered on a Sales Order linked from a Multi-Leg Transfer will be Available to Promise to the customer. Also, it will allow for logistical planning along the Multi-Leg Transfer route.

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Direct Shipping is a fulfillment method that is rising in popularity.

In STORIS 10.2, retailers have greater flexibility in editing, adding or deleting individual line items within as well as an entire Direct Ship Purchase Order. Further, STORIS will lead the user to consolidate a single Direct Ship Purchase Order if multiple line items are entered on the same Sales Order for the same vendor.

STORIS 10.2 is packed with enhancements across a variety of functional areas including the ability to consolidate POs created via replenishment, capture digital signatures on touch and mobile devices, adjust fulfillment methods for Returns, assign prices for As-Is and Floor Sample merchandise, and more.

You can learn about STORIS Release 10.2 today by Requesting a Demo.

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